Who Rules The World - I Am Woman Poem by Amanda Shelton

Who Rules The World - I Am Woman

I am not a gender, I am a person
with thoughts ideas and I live.

You might think this is a man's world,
but there's a woman behind the scenes.

Mother nature knows how to sing,
she writes poetry, births beautiful rivers
between her legs, she has a breath softer
than silk capable of moving mountains
and making weaves, she has oceans
that build shores and islands.

A women is your mother, daughter,
sister and cousin, also she is your boss,
teacher and doctor, a nurse too as well as

We bring ideas to the dinner table,
design clothes and accessories,
we bring you hairdos taller than a
beehive, lipstick redder then your
blushing cheeks in winter and
we are also creators.

We inspire greatness, we encourage
bravery and strength.

This might be a man's world
but in reality beside a man
stands a queen and majesty.

Equal to your male girth
we women too are capable
of being great.

Man is short for human,
Woman is short for no man
but a human.

To be great you have to stand tall
don't allow a mountain to stand in
your way, cliam above them peeks
and say hello world I have arrived
and smile wide.

Remember a woman brought you to
your knees with a smile and a wink
and poetry.

I bring you poetry, artwork and
creatively designed ideas from
my lucid mind.

I am woman!

Thursday, March 23, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: women,woman,spoken word,creativity
This is inspired by my body dysphoria. I might have a women's body but I am not dictated by what's between my legs. I chose to be who I am not a gender. I never played gender roles. I am uniquely autistically me. You can't change me neither can I change myself. My brain is exactly what it is, was and always will be. You have a choice to love me for me or move on and don't be a twat, be kind to each other and humanity will thrive. ❤️ 'Love is acceptance and success because it helps build societies so be kind to each other and humanity will thrive.' ~ Amanda Shelton May peace be with you all. ❤️
Amanda Shelton

Amanda Shelton

Bakersfield California USA
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