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No one looks when we say goodbye
dying just to survive
all the things we set aside
all the friends we leave behind

Love use to be my friend,
it use to hold me kiss me,
and it kept me safe.

Fear can make you stronger or weaker
it's up to you.

I learned, it's okay to not always be okay.

She's got diamonds in her eyes,
she glistens and shines.

Through the night I don't

love is rich with both honey and venom.

I collected many broken hearts over the years.
sat them in my glass jars of broken dreams,

Upon the rising of the sun
my dreams poured out upon the lukewarm beams,
as I began to stream
my light grew and grew.

I dear to set brush fires
in people's minds!
Revolution is action
upon revelation!

I have more dead art pieces
than alive.

My inspiration is random

It's not clever to lie steal
and cheat, being honest is
clever and brave.

I am like a cloud floating in the sky,
above me is the vastness of space
and possibilities.

I have gazed upon the softest petals
deeper than the night, its perfume
lingers on my mind.

Eternity stretching out in front of me.

The rose's dead a long time ago,
they lie in piles of dried petals.

The obituary of my heart.
Rest in pieces, my broken heart.

Burning hearts ignite with desire,

Do you dare to love a broken heart?

Love me but love me not if
you want to change who and

Sometimes I write to exhale,
sometimes I write to release
the deep grunge that cultivates
within my Gothic mind.

A miracle is nothing to ignore.

Like a grain of sand blowing
in the wind there is another

You use to whisper to me the possibilities of opportunities.

But you shoved me into a box stole the key locked me away in the depths of my mind.

The wind whisper's to me "never
forget me."

While I am dreaming dreading

Vanilla sky's rush through my mind,
heartbeat quickens butterflies flutter, my cage has been opened my mind set free.

I'm here to set fire to your closeted ideas, burn the bridges that separates our differences.

I see you with your clipped wings,
fallen to my feet.

You the wingless painful little thing,

Amanda Shelton Biography

I was born 3th of July 1981 in Bakersfield California USA. I suffered abuse, illness, and neglect the first nine years of my life and survived. I learned to cope by writing, and helping others who suffered similar situations as I did. I also joined the Goth community back in 1989, I finally felt I belonged. My mother whom helped me to become the person I am today, fought long and hard to become a better person so she could raise me and my brother. My father did his best too, after five years he final found a beautiful woman and married her. I lost my mother on 5th of December 2014 six days before her 58th birthday from cancer. She was my best friend and confidant. I am a strong person even though I have lost a lot of loved ones over just a span of 33 years. I also got brain surgery on 15th of January 2010, called [DBS] Deep Brain Stimulator for a condition I suffer from called Dystonia, it is a rare movement disorder. I am now living on my own with my cat Sassy Nanny Pooh Shelton or you can call her Boo.)

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No one looks when we say goodbye
dying just to survive
all the things we set aside
all the friends we leave behind
just so the curtain would rise.

Take this heart
it's ticking like a cheap watch
I need you to believe in life
til there's nothing left of us.

No one looks when we say goodbye
fighting just to survive
all the things we need
all the people we use
just so the universe would move for us.

Take this soul
it's breathing in all the toxic waste
we can only wait to see
where our soul's will be in twenty years or so.

and dismay
we cause it all in the way we live.

Living for today
dying for our future
surviving beyond tomorrow
yes I am a survivor.

No one looks when we say goodbye
no one cares when we look away
only to find we weren't even worth their time.

It's a dime for you time
but it's only a crime when your life is worth more
instead they cheat you
like the thief's of the Arabian knights
you a diamond in the rough
got nothing but tough.

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love is rich with both honey and venom.

My life is well lived. Like a pair of worn out jeans, I'm torn and tattered but I faded into a nice shade of gray.

'You might like it if I was shady like you, I'd become something more than just your shadow. My thorns will no longer be soft and pliable, and my stem will forever be green and youthful. While you burnout, like the flame you are.'

I think like a river, my muse overflows every time.

'I can do anything I believe I can do, as long as it's not magic.'

'Dying to meet our feet will guide, but only our hearts have the right to decide.'

A survivor faces fear to build bridges to safety, bravery is on the other side.

I was born with a pen in one hand and ideas in the other.

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