Who Sheoriginal 06 23 2019 Poem by Lee Mack

Who Sheoriginal 06 23 2019

Lee B. Mack 06 23 2019 Grace…

Who She?

Our Woman of the Romance of All the Gods; Our Female of the Concubine of the Tabernacle on the Sand. A Bio-Cyber Theme Stream Google, Plot Flop for Facebook, character for Twitter; and, three CEO compensations of twenty million dollars or more per year versus three illegal immigrants, three nonwhite citizens of the poor of all our people who get pay to work for seven-hundred and twenty-five one cent coins of brass and copper per four-hour part-time day. Take home less than $145 per week. Civilization rest on dry bottoms of empty barrels versus top heavy rockets to an empty Mars. Where to live the need after this? Grace.
GRACE... therein, exist African Intercontinental Conscience, (AIC)father to son and invariant duration; so also, son to father without intervening islands of no man's ground. (Economically speaking) . Reminds that this AIC illiterate son removed by 3rd to 13th century Eurasian, Gaul, Ottoman and Copt, colonizing of father's fathers' father; from whom illiteracy passes down. Enabling the turn to (Howard University's help, though by washing pots at Kentucky State; and stacking library books at Howard) , to self-educate by tugs of the shoulder by the hand of Grace. Subsequently, to then pass gifts to three children, daughter (finished Howard four-year paid scholarship) , grandson has honors at (Hampton full paid four-year scholarship) , granddaughter, (JCSU): three four year full scholarship college degrees. Daughter did graduate degree at George Washington University fully paid as graduate school of education employee. Grace serves and settles on African International Conscience, covers over loss human equities from embezzlements done by congresses misappropriations of revenues from federal taxes amounting to $8.8 trillion in 2017. Budget and deficit record to national income and expense accounts. But get hidden by public propaganda nonsense of partitioning education budgeting methods, family/abortion planning, immigration planning, trade tariff/sanctions, and agriculture/industrial/technology cyberspace, cybersex, cyberpunk cybernetic; and frenzied brain disease from where money is, what money actually does (behaviorally speaking)and does it pool accurately and evaporate to form the opioid civilization (in 2017 dollars, accounts for speculative opinion behavior, stated amounts more or less than these figures. There exist other, way more other State, local and the private swabs of collection revenues pooled in Federal, national banks, speculative and international monetary warmongering and geo-genetic-modification-mongering, and space shape-mongering and shade-mongering, the apron protection cover for white ghost skin and the white ghost colony opioid dusts. $4.2 trillion 2017 budgets in congresses' quotable terms, to $5.5 trillion 2017 in terms of a quotable executive budget (noncumulative recapitulation)of Federal revenue capped for public disinformation, black off-budget expenditures made to (legally embezzle to pay future fraud and risk subject to interest; casualty risk, subject to insurance undertaker at risk for adequacy of legal protection. Time for book two, Chapter Nine…

Lee Mack

Lee Mack

Shelbyville Kentucky
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