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Ximmi Moon

From a scene in South Carolina
Ximmi Moon
From a scene in South Carolina


Why do you worship the God from the machine?

Why give blind insight if you've never seen?
Why raise Cain if you were never Abel?

Why be insane and chained to a fable?

Why practice the opposite of what you preach?

Why grind Earth's rock and call it your beach?

Why hide Truth when It's destined to be told?

Why slaughter youth to enrich the old?

Why bow to the grave when you pray to Heaven?

Why be saved when you're prey to Mammon?

Why live on your knees if you have a voice?

Why die on your knees if you have a choice?

Why must it cost you everything to live?

Why must you receive before you can give?

Why do the laws of the rich apply to the poor?

Why give your balls to a bytch and call her the whore?

Why are you domesticated and civilized?

Why are you investigated and criminalized?

Why do you not see the wrong in your words?

Why do you not hear the songs of the birds?

Why do you whisper instead of scream?

Why do you awaken within a dream?

Why do you imagine if you won't perceive?

Why do you remember if you don't believe?

Why think of anything if you act upon nothing?

Why set a trap when you know you are bluffing?

Why stay in the past if you can be now?

Why play in the grass if you eat the cow?

Why must you devour shyt and call it food?

Why lie sweetly when your reality is so rude?

Why consume what you don't produce?

Why assume you have no use?

Why bleed red when inside you're blue?

Why do you allow syllables to govern you?
Ximmi Moon
Friday, April 23, 2010

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