Why Bother

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I'm wasting my time
I can tell,
you've ruined my life
damned me to hell.

You grabbed my soul
and stomped my heart,
should've known this would happen
it was clear from the start.

I'm haunted by your face
it brings me to shame,
you were too much to handle
you were impossible to tame.

The feeling's still there
I knew this would happen,
some pieces you've taken
and now I am lacking.


Your feelings embedded in every line for taken for a ride after enticing you. your disapointment ample across every line. be moe circumspect next time and don't fall easy prey.

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Summer Holst 07 July 2010

How many times must people play tricks on another's heart? I dont quite know but don't let a person like her ruin you. You'r poem is a great one and full of emotion about this person. perfect 10 :) <3 Summer

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Zaynab Elzain 07 July 2010

it's ok u should just finde the way to make it work for u, lol jk

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Jennifer K 07 July 2010

but you wont be forever Just give t time, sir =]

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