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Again and again
The tears and the pain
I can't any more
Take this blame

Dying before you get closer to live
Give up
I have nothing else to give
Do you know what these words even mean

I am frozen I barely breathe
I miss you
I just can't stand living without you
You're all I ever want in my live

I have something to say
There is no other way
So I’m going to say it Here and today

Today is the end
You don’t have to pretend
Just out of my way
So peace out

I always been the kind of girl
That hurt all who cares about her
And every time a had a friend
She just leaves me in the end

Waking up every day
Wishing that I'm not alive
The sunrise is burning my soul
I don't want this life

'I'm sorry i couldn't protect you from the crashing wall.
I can't promise to keep you from sinking down.
But i will just show you how to swim around..

'Life is a fight and I choose to fight'
Once my life was getting from bad to worst
Let go, give up
That was my choice

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Again And Again

Again and again
The tears and the pain
I can't any more
Take this blame

I never knew that
You're going to be hurt
But I'm just a peace
In a big bad world

You're so disappointed
As anybody else
But would you forgive me
That's what I guess
You didn't even believe
That I'm sorry again
You know why?
Because you're just the same

Again and again
The tears and the pain
I was better when I was
Without a name

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir 06 February 2011

Yes, very good questions. But the matter of love is beyond questions and answers. It is taken at it is. Nevertheless your attempt is good.

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James Jordan 12 July 2010

Keep writing and expelling all of the impurities inside you... I could feel you by your poems they are like extensions of yourself :)

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Kida hell it's Me 11 July 2010

yo i like ur poems, keep up the gd work

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