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Why Bother

I'm wasting my time
I can tell,
you've ruined my life
damned me to hell.

Fresh Start

Foolish love had me down.
Really felt bad about myself.
Enough about her.
She's not worth it.


Life has no meaning
why do I try,
I ran to escape
this impossible lie.


Love is a waste
a manipulative term,
it sneaks in your heart
and feasts like a worm.

I Don'T Understand!

Why does it work out for them and not me?
Is it not meant to be?
Am I to always be in the back seat?
How could I say that!

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Angie loves Trent <3 27 July 2010

hey you seem like a pretty cool guy :) ily xoxox

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I live in Kentucky now. I've been told not to give up on love, but it seems to get harder and harder. If you wanna talk to me feel free to send me a message and I'll reply with my best knowledge.

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