Why Can'T I Call You My Friend? Poem by FRAGMENTS AND PIECES

Why Can'T I Call You My Friend?

i asked you if i can be your friend
you did not say yes
i asked you to be my friend
you did not say no
then i felt your are angel
so i called you that name
but you refused to be happy for it
but i felt that i can't lose you from my dreaming
so i asked you to stay the same
and i wonder how could it be
when silently somebody eats your day
when you are with somebody feeling okay
my wish to be your friend
seems like a curse
because you deny me and accept who is not me
the more i dreamed of you
the more it hurts me more
the more i find ways to forget you
the more i am disgraced
why should i wish for what i can not have?
i know console but i cant console my self
i hope before i lose my sanity
you will try to pay some time for these texts
and know that i always love you
and i cant be your friend because of you
you are more than a friend.
every single thing in you become part of my life
even if you dont mind
one thing i would say i gain
i love you.

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