the road less traveled i often wonder
where young lad come and enter
and finally found nowhere
their end and goal just disappear

i have tried very badly
but i remain busted desperately
though i did what they say
i cant say that im okay

i write this poem
to say im sorry
if i haven't won
just pardon me

Pinipiga ng sakit ang luha at pawis
at ang pait ng buhay ang pumalit sa tamis
naninigang sa kawalan na sya ang labis
hanggang kailan ba ito matitiis

there were lights
and darkness fights
the storm warns
and thunder calms


When the first time i hear your name
a sound of music unto my ear was whisperin'
the joy has been made so alive
and my lonesome heart finds a reason to revive

a glance of tomorrow appeared
the glimpse of eye heavily teared
given to the enticement
of a poor and lifeless amazement

no matter how you want to stay
there will always be a reason to move away
you can say your soul is left
yet the fact is

it is when the sun sets
that a new day will come ahead
and the dawn of tomorrow
will erase the gloom of the sorrow


o what is it that a man is doing
when he kneels and silence is dominating
with hands together and eyes are closing
and hardly he murmurs words in his lips could hardly be seen
whatever is it he is the only man knowing

I have been invited to dispose myself
by a song that took my soul from where it dwelt
i pondered my whole being
i am reflecting of what i am becoming

All alone in the dark
Though the sun offers the unfading lights, not even a spark
Yet its rays seem with black clouds are wrapped
And the smoke of disaster in the heart

I rushed to say hello
I thought it was my chance
But I realized I was dreaming
Of what is not meant for me.

its sad when you feel what you never felt before
and you found out that it is nonsense....
its sad when you did everything
and all you did was nothing....

How long will your pain
will last in your brain
is it becoming a cancer
that never disappear

i thought i am strong
but i think i am wrong

I have been waiting for the time that i could boast
that i have forgotten you in my mind
but i could feel it is getting worst
your image has left an imprint i could not hide

When the morning of one day was broken
when the stars that shines in the darkness started hidin'
and the moon has taken back its sweet beam
when all the coldness of the night was leavin'

If you really love me, let me go.
If you really love me
then give me freedom
to love you more

if i have to pick up a rose everyday
whenever i think of you in any way
i must have gathered bunches of flowers
as if the heaven of glory showers


i am just someone who wants to express what comes to me, in my soul, in my whole life...i am a fragment of the broken pieces that tries to find my whole being in every gleam that sparked at me....i am not a writer.....nor a poet...but someone who love wisdom and words and meaning....)


The Road Less Traveled

the road less traveled i often wonder
where young lad come and enter
and finally found nowhere
their end and goal just disappear

the road less traveled i happen to reflect
whether it's me who has defect
to embrace this journey so perfect
which i wish cause an effect

oh many travelers did never see
its worth for anyone to be
where people feel the human frailty
and forget the meaning for the many

why do people fail to realize
that this path of life needs not any prize
but rather a piece of true sacrifice
for other people that nobody dares to sympathize

oh when will one see the value of this way
and find it worthy to be lived wherever one may be
living for the people and not the self and 'me'
this road is what the world badly needs today.




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