Why Do I Still Love You? Poem by Slim Jim

Why Do I Still Love You?

Why am I Crying
Why am I Trying
I wish I was fine
But inside I am dieing
I always, ALWAYS kept trying
But you just kept on lying
Why does this keep happening to me,
Is a point I NEVER may see
My love still burns, just like a fire
With hopes, and dreams as my wild desire
The bitter truth inside
Can no longer hide
When I gave the best I could
And in front of me you stood
And fed me a story I didn't want to hear
From a heart that only half loved, and wasn't very pure
So here I drink from this bottle
Until I am numb and I start to waddle
I embrace my hurt and all my fears
That I didn't see coming in these past two years
I fight it through with my very best
Knowing true love SHOULD NEVER be put to test,
But laid to rest with arms sooo kind
With the comfort of knowing at the end of each day, you are ONLY MINE.
Love shouldn't hurt, but love IS BLIND
If my friends and family have a problem have an issue, the problem is ALSO MINE
Despite ALL of your stories
I let go of my worries
And my trust, YOU BLEW!
When you went ahead and cheated on me
And I WAS TRULY IN LOVE and to vulnerable to see
What was actually going on
Now our worlds have blown apart by your bomb.


good poem :) very touching

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Rajendran Muthiah 08 May 2012

You cannot smell the perfume of love from a half-hearted girl. Don't sink in liquor and tumble on the unlevelled road of life. Keep going on calm. Someone else will blast her bomb of true love. The story of a cheated lover is elegantly described in this poem.

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Alex Medina 07 May 2012

Still loving someone and can't get over them? I'm going through that right now buddy. I feel the frustration in your words. Very good.

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