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O the beacon of my storm-tossed life!
Blunt not my passionate love on you
and tear my heart and mind to keep them in strife.
I won't in this life for your wild treatment sue

The poets all over the world
feel proud to see the soldier,
Zhenya Perepelitsa, recited a verse
which at once touched the human hearts,

When the pimps charmed him
to pass time till morning
in the haven near the bus-station,
he walked in hanging his head.

When the corrupt politician
was shut behind the bars,
he roared in anger in a language
couched in figures and metaphors:

You don't have a taste for the music of songs.
You smileto sneak into the hearts of all
and leave in a sudden making them grieve.
Your looks to lure and manoeuvresto catch

She swept me up to the dreamy sky.
Riffs of her music filled my heart.
In her close embrace, I swooned.
Hugged me and kissed me.

O my Lord Siva, the luring Dancer!
If I bring to your notice
the fallen value of Rupee against the Dollars,
which has triggered a spiral of price rise,

The Aussies might practise racial abuse
on those who in public places embrace and kiss.
To kick and punch the brown they seem resolute
from stopping them, the rhythm of life, they pollute.

A God Particle has the name, Higgs Boson.
Higgs Boson gives mass to a particle.
A particle nearby acquires more mass.
The mass of a particle is the amount of matter.

When his friends are roaming in shoping malls,
he is in the library, sinking in Shakespeare,
and not noticing me in the opposite seat.
When his friends crave for a glance from me,

Car manufacturers feel pains of labour
before bringing out the finished product.
Film producers experience severe pains
before releasing the films facing all odds.

Sad are the hearts which watched in calm
when the surrendered and the bravely stood tigers,
the civilian Tamils of Eelam of SriLanka
were maimed, butchered and raped

Sweetie! Sweetie! O my Sweetie!
When will you smile my Sweetie?
To make this young heart fall into rapture!

When a politician finds no cheering crowds
thronging in both sides of the road,
he feels bored for setting foot in politics.
A simple doubt makes the scientist sleepless

He is jealous of her swindle;
she envies his looting.
The courts whip them in open
yet they rule alternately.

Losing my comrades in the gunfight
with the extremists in the North East of India,
I wended my way through the wooded hills,
day and night with weeping sores in my thighs;

When he has been a celibate for ten years,
since his wife fell ill, and if she asks,
' Would you stay celibate if I died? ',
what he can say to his faithful wife.

The English-speaking countries
seem to be well-off for single mums.
For flimsy reasons, the dad goes off
the family with someone else.

O, you men and women of this world
have a strong taste for naturism.
The old is not gold; they are bold
to give pose to the camera,

Rajendran Muthiah Biography

born in an agricultural family to illiterate parents.Studied in a Government High School in Tamil medium of instruction. Qualifications: B.Sc Physics , M.A English , M.Phil Education &PGDTE CIEFL Ph.d in Education & M.Sc Psy Retired as the Headmaster of a TamilNadu Governement Higher Secondary School.Leading a satisfied life in the suburban area of Chennai, TamilNadu, India.I have three children and they have one each.)

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O the beacon of my storm-tossed life!
Blunt not my passionate love on you
and tear my heart and mind to keep them in strife.
I won't in this life for your wild treatment sue
but when you deny your glance, my eyes go dim
and by not hearing your whispers, I have been feeling blue.
Give a ring and my joy will overflow the brim;
I can't forget you even if I bathe in Lethe
and know that if you spurn my love, my heart feels grim.

Rajendran Muthiah Comments

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 18 February 2012

Mr. Rajendran Muthiah was the first poet, who commented about me at first. Thank you sir. After going through his poems, I have understood that he has great interest on problems of the societies and the nation..

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Jessie Jett 01 March 2012

You have a lot of good poems. I agree with others, on your opinionated responses'. Good reading =)

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Ramesh Rai 16 January 2012

Sir, I feel very younger to comment on your poem. But I like your poems too much.I like to request you to kindly go through my poems. with regards. ramesh rai, rkrai100@gmail.com

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Rajendran muthiah 22 February 2021

Thanks a lot for the compliments paid. Wish you a happy life with a sound mind and a sound body.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 May 2020

Dr. Rajendran Muthiah is a highly talented and internationally reputed poet who writes beautiful poems basing upon his perception about life, nature, society and many more. His each unique poem is treasured with time which spreads fragrance of values. I have read and reviewed his poems with great pleasure. I am astonished finding high philosophic essence in his poems. His literary perseverance has great importance in society and his each poem is beneficial for readers!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 May 2020

I am wishing all the best to Dr. Rajendran Muthiah. May God bring unlimited happiness for him and his family! BEST WISHES FROM poet Kumarmani Mahakul, #264 on top 500 poets of the world (As per the world poetry database information rank on date 29, May 2020, Friday)

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Dr Dillip K Swain 13 November 2017

Rajendran Muthiah is a highly talented modern Indian poet in English. I have read many of his poems published in PH. He writes on different facets of life and burning social issues in clear, concise and lucid manner. Each of his poems carries a message to the society. His significant contribution to the field of literature is noteworthy and commendable!

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Wahab Abdul 18 March 2012

THIS poet is highly educated and tremendously experienced which reflects in his poems, he is a gifted man and knows how to craft his work, his poems deals with everything from social concern to abstract ideas, he is very co-operative and helpful too, i wish him a grand success in the field of poetry.

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Rajendran Muthiah Quotes

The Poets are unfit for policing.

When treasury is empty, misery will be in plenty.

People in Nirvana on the beaches are out fearing Corona.

Visible human virus is more dangerous than invisible virus which has cleaned the atmosphere.

Love is gifted only once.

A critic does not expect from a poet what he cannot.

A good mind always finds things of beauty in everything.

A penniless man is never cheated.

Rajendran Muthiah Popularity

Rajendran Muthiah Popularity

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