Why Do You Ask Why I Love You? Poem by Anthony Mantegna

Why Do You Ask Why I Love You?

Why do you ask why I love you?
You are the lovliest rose in heaven's garden, have been for a while.
The sweetest girl I've ever stumbled into,
I love you for you, and your eyes and your smile.

Your hair, so radiant and red,
Your smile, so perfect and white.
I love you for you, I've plainly said.
Your beauty overwhelms me, even in the dead of night.

Yet you still doubt me, still so unsure.
You say you once loved me, but now I'm a different man,
I am beggining to crack under the pressure.
But I'll tell you once more, I can love you as no other can.

I am lost, confused, unsure what to do,
But at least now you know why I love you

Brandy Mclemore 20 January 2006

Amazing, Aj. When I heard this in class I was blown away, I didn't know that you were so good at writing poems. Your way better then anyone I know at writing (well not Marilyn Manson) . talk to you later! Brandy

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Neisha Williams 20 January 2006

Aj, I really like this poem. It's sweet without being overly mushy. It sounds close to something a real person might say. I especially like the end of the second line, where you pause before adding, 'have been for a while.' It almost sounds like something you'd say under your breath or in your head while you're talking to the object of your obvious affection-like something you may be afraid to say out loud because you don't want to overwhelm her. Still, this is a great poem. Definitely and 'A.'

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nikki Davis 20 January 2006

your poem is one of the best poems theat i have read in a long time. dont ever stop writting. nikki

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