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Let me sit beside you
And feel your warm skin
Let me lean against you
And feel your heart pound within

Got something from a friend
What I wanted from the start
Help around life’s turning bends
Someone who’s apart

tears running out my eyes
down my cheek though i'm not surprised
i can't see strait there si a blurr
i dont see why you look at her

why cant I say whats on my mind
why cant I leave all that behind
why cant I talk to you about things
that I see in all my dreams

why shall we speak of laughter
why shall we speak of fun
when all that's left is disaster
and everything is done

why cant we stay this way
with you lying next to me
so we are together the whole day
and we can let our love be

cant see your smiling face
when i see you my heart starts to race
the warmth of your hand brings a feeling to my heart
one thing i dont want to part

Think of me as a friend
Who is there for you
One who helps you in the end
And doesn’t care what you do

The night falls short and cold
While the wind blows bold
When the animals go to sleep
In the darkness there is a shriek


Poems on the wall
One starts to fall
away from all the rest
But this one was the best

Right now your just a friend
Who cares about how I feel
Or how my day goes
So I don’t have to deal

Please let me decide
if I want to let my love hide
let me share with you what I feel
so you don’t have to deal

My love withstands the pain of time
You hold with you a love that’s mine
To show you my world I have no fear
But to live a life without you, cant replace the feel when your near

Some have yet begun to live
Some yet begun to see
What lies upon the road
For you and me to be

How do you just know what to say
To make my blues go away
Or how to act when I’m upset
Even though we haven’t just meet

Poems are a way to show a poets emotion
It is also a way to show a poets devotion
They are released to write what they feel
Down on to the paper or in a news reel

Fate brought us together
Love will stay with us forever
My heart is now yours to keep
My soul now does not weep

The first contestant comes to me
With lost of grief and misery
He said for me to come and find
The one mistake that’s in his mind


Words to the paper
A poem for the heart
Love for a feeling
You felt from the start


Skin touching skin
Hearts beating within
Hands move slow
To her face where they go

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i love to write poems as you can tell. all of my new poems are writen for my very good friend MATT who lives in ohio.)

The Best Poem Of nicole Davis

Let Me

Let me sit beside you
And feel your warm skin
Let me lean against you
And feel your heart pound within

Let me hold you
So I feel I am safe
Let me lay upon you
So you can feel the same

Let me kiss you
So every thought goes away
Let me always be with you
So I can always feel this way

Let me sleep beside you
And wake with you always there
Let me always love you
So you know how much I care

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Rebecca Wire 11 March 2006

I wanted to comment on how touching your poems are. I love the way in each one of the you end on a finishing note that leaves the reader content about the love you've just captured. I hope that you keep writing because I am enraptured in the beauty and passion you hold with each word. -Rebecca Wire

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nicole Davis Popularity

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