Kimberly Hope

Why I Loved And Still Do! - Poem by Kimberly Hope

Your smell, puts me at rest.
Your looks, don’t even escape my dreams.
You are always with me, as I wish to be with you.
You cared about me, and showed me love,
whenever unpathetically possible.
You made time not only for me,
but for your good friends too.
You weren’t afraid to show me off,
but kept the sexual activity in the room.
You put up with me, through the bad and the good.
Despite all of the cruelty, you accepted me for who I am.
You made sure that I was well attended,
even when I wanted nothing.
You fought for me, backed me up,
in true and false, you were always there for me.
You were not afraid to speak your mind,
weather it’d be good or bad,
you even dealt with my selfish reactions.
The way you held, and comforted me,
just to say that I will not be harmed by the enemies.
Your laugh, it is as beautiful, as you are handsome.
The way you care enough,
just to stop what your doing,
only to check in on me.
You know when to play, when to talk,
when its serious, and when enough is enough.
Simply checking in with me, for my permission first.
You reminded me, everyday,
just how much you truly loved me,
and how beautiful I was.
Your presence kept me happy; with you around,
I couldn’t stay upset long, couldn’t even stay mad you.
Even if I didn’t care much,
you made sure that I at least noticed.
You never pushed to hard, when I didn’t favor.
You were willing to teach, and I was ecstatic to learn.
I spoiled you in my little ways, and you spoiled me in yours.
You accepted my music, and I accepted your rockin bass. Oh Yeah!
You watched out for me, because I am to clumsy,
to look out for myself, but well enough to dream all over you.
I look out for you, because I am concerned,
and I worry, about my one, my only, first, true love.
I miss you, but I don’t know why.
You miss me, and know exactly why.
I am a monster, and you are a well loved babe.
I was capable enough,
to give you the power to destroy me,
but intrusting you not to.
When I think about you, it is as if I am floating,
floating on the clouds of a fairy land.
We overcame our fear, and began to eat together,
but not from each other.
I love my paperback adventures,
you love your animated movies,
and it was accepted!
You encouraged me to show off my body,
and I for you to be open.
I overcame sexual fears, just as much as you.
You taught me to love myself, and I slowly began to agree.
I love you, way more than this world can handle!
We break the rules, the laws, and explore without questions.
We laugh, We cry, We all say hi, give a special shake,
and within our joyous tears, we say,
bye, bye, bye..

Topic(s) of this poem: love, love and art, love and life

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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