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Why I'M Different - Poem by moemedi lynx magoro

Thee in misery shall never fall in grace like those in infamy of me/
You shall try but you won't be able to trace my footsteps on water/
Because of your ignorance you will forever bother/
The tears of the messiah hit the tip of my tongue/
Cause I believe his tears have the power to heal the infection in my lung/
The broken glass on the floor represents the world as it is now/
All is well with my soul for with that people of the south take a bow/
My crown is seen from afar like a king at the highest point/
Through my lyrics I appoint the power to anoint/
crowds follow me like Moses, Muhammad and Jesus/
The window of opportunity is clear to be seen by those among us/
The day is darker than the night/
Because the night grants us the better opportunity to attack you in your sleep and rip out your heart/
Its a cold cold world like the great depression/
Those who couldn't stand the heat didn't even bother to step outside the kitchen they just died and went straight to heaven/
the palm of my hand is greater than the world/
Because it can destroy the world and create the world/
Just like the palm could create and extrapolate destruction into our fate/
I want to live in the center of the circle/
Its warmer than the side of the corner people are trying to constantly trying to squish me in/
I believe in my poems more than I believe in myself/
My mentality is my physical wealth/
It takes two variables and leads me to an answer like the ingenious method of math/
Its a lyrical assassin it practices stealth/
Grabs you from behind, slits your neck and leaves you lying in a blood bath/
my finger print is blurry so there for I got no real identity/
I've lived most of the harsh steps of reality/
When the season changes my life adapts like nature/
Because I'm a believer I will forever see myself in a greener pasture/
Am I dead cause the world keeps passing me by and that's why I'm addicted to slitting wrists just to feel the pain and see that I'm alive/
Into the pool of salvation I would dive/
In bits and peaces I'm like a hustler I would strive/
I drew graffiti whilst in the belly of the beast/
Inspired art to swim in the ocean and wash away the sins/
I can string you along like a violin and bring my crew so we form an orchestra/
Yo-yo you harder than a string or maybe I can put you on my shoes and let you spend a mile in my shoes/
My sophistication is the root of the problem/
My conscience demons are like my enemies and like math you always wanna solve em/
My mind is forever on sub-conscience mode therefore my senses are always heightened even when I walk/
The life style I want is never shown on 3 talk/
I've got a crucially deep mind and that's why in the 21 century I keep my cassette is always on hip hop classic rewind/
The bullet holes on my back have became eyes to help me quickly reach for my gun before they put a knife in my back/
That's why I'm constantly on a mood of attack/
Even if I layed relaxed in that presidential Cadillac/

Topic(s) of this poem: spoken word

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