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Why You Love Me So Much So? ? ? - Poem by OLUMIDE FAMILUSI

I have tried to find out why you are so good to me Lord even when i have been so undeserving. I have failed You, failed myself so many times. Did the wrong things, said the wrong things, and followed the wrong crowd but still in Your mercy, You never let me go.

I have wondered about why You choose to listen to me and hear me out when almost always i have unconsciously chosen to ignore You. Why Lord? Why do you Love me so much? Why do You do all that You do inspit of all that i do? Why do You choose to not ignore me? Why do you choose to not cast away. I know Your name is mercy but truth is there is only so much a person can take. Have i not angered You enough? Have i not been unfaithful enough for you to loose your temper and flare out? Have i not been unworthy enough with my sins that i keep going back to time and time again? Lord, Why, why, why do You love me so much.

Sometimes, all i do is just think about it and You let me have it. At other times, all i do is just say it and you make it come to pass. Some other folks pray their lives away and still linger in their tribulations, but You dont let me have that. You dont let me fall without providing a soft ground for me. I have been through situations that i think would have called for a 911. Been through situations i couldnt ever have predicted a way out but somehow Lord...somehow You are just always there with a torch, lighting my path. Now, how do You say thank You to someone who's never given up on You. Whose eyes is all over and has so many to take care of but will never let this one man slip by.

How do you thank a God who never gives up on this one man. How do i Lord, thank You for the undeserving breaks You give me. So lost in my thoughts and so lost thinking about why You choose me. Maybe someday, I would know, maybe not, but i just wanted to let you know that my appreciation reaches from my heart unto the heaven. My appreciation knows no bounds for all that You have done for me and continue to do. I could never thank You enough. I could never appreciate you enough but that You know, that i know that it has been only You. I say thank You Lord. I am grateful.

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