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There's no word to describe this feeling
There's no match for the thoughts in me
Yet all i can do is wish and imagine
Because your so far away.

When life comes hitting hard at you
In difficult times and daunting challenges
Never lose hope

Every single day in Africa
There's a child out there
Who's hungry and sick without meds.
And also without shelter and clothing

Am sorry i hurt your feelings
Am sorry i took you for granted
I think about your smile and it hurts me deep
I think about the short time we were together

When trouble surrounded me like a wall
And hell had its fury over me
When all my signs went wrong
And tribulations came calling

You know Lord,

I am so greatful for where You have me
There have been so many times

Beautifully and wonderfully made
You brought me into this world
With cries from my little eyes
Announcing my birth

Broken and caught in the middle of nowhere
Endless thought soaked in my fears
Endless thoughts soaked in my past
Night after night, thoughts of you erupts

I hear the drumbeats
The drumbeats of war and starvation
From foreign lands and continents
Of generations wiped out in their thousands

He endured it all for me
He endured it all that I may live
He endured it all that I may be saved

In the deep darkest alley of life
i have a choice to make
evitable and inevitable choices
yet, all i got is make a choice

Within my soul im lurking for answers to the word happiness.
i have tried all i can, given all i can, done all i can but its' still elusive
The pain that goes through my head hurts more than a dagger stuck in my back
i have sobbed, cried, jerked, but all has amounted to nothing

HOW DO I...........?

Tell of your faithfulness
Tell of your lovingkindness

The fruits you bear
Speak of your tree
And the quality sown
Sour with no juice

What do you say in times like this
What do you believe now
Who is there to trust
Who is there to look up to

I will make it 
It doesn't matter what the enemy says 
I will make it 
Because I know i have you 

How does it feel when adversity bows your head?
How does it feel to know the truth and not to apply it?
How does it feel when u know you have to pray, sing and fast but can't find the will to?
How does it feel when you are faced with obstacles you don't have answers for?


No one sees the tears
streaming down my face


Why laugh...
Because its the only thing to do when sad

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I am a freelance writer, very passionate and genuine in all ramifications.My words are a window into my soul. I guess i could say about myself that am the result of an upbringing and culture that is proud and strong in its real sense.I'm confident and i'm here hoping to educate and share my trials and triumphs through the power of the pen...)

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A Mother's Love-I Miss You Mama

There's no word to describe this feeling
There's no match for the thoughts in me
Yet all i can do is wish and imagine
Because your so far away.

I miss you, Mother
No one could ever compare to you
Your love to me is indeed golden
Your affection and care, eternal

I wish i could hold the clock
From ticking away so fast
I wish you were here with me
Right beside me everyday

Everyday i think about you
Your undisputed love and attention
Too many people have tried being you
But they can only try

You will never know how much
How much i long to see you soon
Only time i have to wait upon
Before I'm right by your side soon

I love you Mama

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Kenneth Umunna 16 September 2011

ur poem what manner of life is really a nice piece.well done.

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