Gold Trybes

He Endured It All For Me...

He endured it all for me
He endured it all that I may live
He endured it all that I may be saved

He was mocked for my sins
They reviled and spat on him
Threw pebbles at him
But still he endured for me

They cast aspersions on him
Calling his God into question
They whipped him until he bled
And as he cried more and more
Under the excruciating pain
He endured it for me

He endured the suffering
The pain and humiliation
Had his garment rented apart
And was nailed to the cross
But he endured it all for me

With hands rammed to the cross
Blood flowing down his arms
And barbed thorns around his head
He still endured it all for me
Supplicating on my behalf before my father
Never giving up on me through the pain
All this he endured for me

He layed down his life
Paying the ultimate price for me
And in my heart, I crucify him
With my words and actions
Still, he never turned his eyes away
Enduring all for me

In my dreams everyday
I see you calling out to me
On the door of my heart, you keep knocking
Waiting patiently for me to open up
Yet have been defiant and stubborn
Still you endured it all

I wake up everyday feeling strong
No lost limbs, no lost arms
Failing to get on my knees
Thanking you for your numerous mercies
Still you endured

Everytime I get into sin
I could imagine the expression on your face
As you bleed within askin me why
I pray and then you forgive me all
Always giving me a second chance
Still im there groping in the dark
Running back to my filth and stench
In it all, you never got tired of me
Stilling enduring it all for me

What manner of man..what manner of love
That wont make you go away from me, a filthy rag
Your eyes cannot behold unholiness and unrighteousness
Still you wanna wine and dine with me in the thick of my sins
You disapprove of my sinful ways, still you wont go away
Enduring it all for me

My life would have had no meaning
Friends would have walked away
Families would have held their distance
Aquaintances would have scorned me
Had you not been there for me
And been the Lord of my life
Yet, I don’t appreciate you as I should
And still, you endure it all for me

What will I give that will suffice
An unworthy man like me
Where do I start telling of your grace
That’s never unshakeable
For an unworthy man like me
Still in my sins, you see my heart
How much it longs for you
How much it draws from you
How much my spirit desires you
Through my every thought
Even when it seems I despise you

Lord, im ready to give my all
Open my me up
You created know my being
You redeemed me yet from my mothers womb
Why wont you have your way Lord
Above every other thing in life that holds me down
Why wont you pick me up from the dumps
And shred everythin in my life that wont praise you
Severe anything in my life that wont let me serve you
You’re the Lord of my life
To whom I owe everything
You’re my wrote my story from inception
Its time Lord that you take charge
And mold this pot into your like
Frame my heart for you, to serve you
All the days of my life, that the world will see
That you’re the lord of my life
You make me breathe Lord,
I love you soo much, like nothing ever in my life
You’re my everything.

Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 25, 2008

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Comments about He Endured It All For Me... by Gold Trybes

  • Robert Edgar Burns (11/20/2011 5:47:00 PM)

    very powerful truth's here in your words.
    It's a message the whole world needs
    today, in these troubled times!

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  • Mustapha Gwary (11/25/2008 9:55:00 AM)

    A passionate piece it is. full of empathy & a remorse-like touch. plain & twistless. A plea for belonging at the end

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