Kara Johnstad

Wild Garden - Poem by Kara Johnstad

I am a wild garden
Untamed and oh so free
Been sitting here
With the moon and the cats
Growing majestically

My vines are all knotted and twisted
My grass grows straight and tall
And in the hush of the night
If you slow down your breath
You'll hear pitter pat on the prowl.

My path lies abandoned
Look around and you'll see the old gate
There's a deep well covered,
By an old wooden board
Now don't hesitate,
Please come in and join me for awhile

Water me
Water me
From that deep old well
It hasn't been used for years

The oak said deep down there are dragon' s tears
But the rooster he disagreed

Water me,
Water me
Pour yourself out on me,
Soaking me

As I draw you deep down to my roots…
Right straight down to my mighty roots

I have so many secrets
The seasons have aged me
Black-eyed Susans
Crushed pine cones
Rocks mossy and green

The vines run up my old stone walls
Wrapping themselves, snugly around me
Coiled, tight they latch on to my skin
Giving me a strange sense of security

Won't you come in and sit for awhile
and keep me company

Water me
Water me
From this deep old well
It hasn't been used for years

Water me,
Water me
Douse me and drench me
Oh love just pour yourself out on me
Soaking me
As I draw you straight down to my roots.
Yes, I draw you deep down to my mighty roots

The oak said it is dragons tears
But the rooster disagreed
He decreed; " when the old grape vines
Start to bear fruit again
The water will turn a bright berry red
And we shall be sip the holy wine
And you will sleep nights in the garden: "

Water me
Simply tend to me

(Moon in Capricorn Album)

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Poem Submitted: Monday, April 9, 2012

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