irenio irenaeus bero

Will I Ever Write A Story

Should I say it was good to have seen her again?
Maybe yes and maybe not
For a woman like her
I think every man or woman should be happy to see her
But at that precise moment
I felt used degraded and as if it wasn’t enough of her
To slice me down
I felt even confused when I saw the ring on her finger
I just wasn’t sure whether an engagement ring or she had already wedded
The tall seemingly successful young man by her side
Who without any hesitation leaned forward to kiss her lips
To assure all the single man in the room that she was taken

I promised my deceptive heart to conduct myself in a manner
That would bring less reproach on my so called reputation
I was known for being the Mr Man, a man who believed in relationship
Ethics and principles

It was one of those days when everything seemed to go perfectly fine
Until her face and fragrance captivated not just me but
Of course everyone else present in the room

With much vacillation I walked up to her and with a forged smile
I said hello
Not wanting to have to confront with the idea that the news
about the ring on her finger would be cleared to me

And of course she would still do it purposefully to spite me
By the way we never ever broke up
We just stop being in contact
Which for some odd reason we lost the connection
I never heard of her in maybe five years

I wanted to make a scene out of the whole thing
But thanks to god for giving me the gift of friendship
Along came my best friend to my rescue

What would he rescue me from? Humiliation?
Nah I don’t think so
From showing her how low I would stoop right
In front of all the guests present

Why did I have to see her
Why not someone else

I took few breaths in order to establish my composure
And boldly inquired about the new guy I saw her with
And the shining ring on her finger

Yes am married with Tony Lee for almost a year now
Wow that’s really goods hem!
I see you pulled up your socks and sold yourself
To the hands of a man who seems to be crazy in love with you
I mean look at how he is obsessed with you
The next thing he will do is tattoo your face on his forehead
To remind him of you every time he comes across a mirror

Hey just kidding! By the way how have been?
Are you telling me you remained single for full four years and got bored
And eventually decided to settle down with Lee?

How come you never called sent a message or even emailed me?
I am not trying to dig the past
For I honestly believe that whatever happened between the two of us was a blessing
And we crossed the finishing line.
But I still need answers

Damn! I didn’t expect the question, I was dumbfounded but ready
To give her the zillions reasons I still had to fabricate to soothe the
Hate and anger inside her eyes

Just when I was about to give her a version of my own bible
I saw Tony her current husband coming towards us with a grin all over his tense face
It was pretty obvious to see the engine fuming in his heart

The question is: did she ever speak about me with him
Did she keep any photos hidden under her photo album
If not then why would he be so irritated at seeing my perplexed face?

We have to leave now! That’s all he said as he strolled his way out of the happy crowd
I saw her face turning pale with fear and panic
As she followed him outside

Well I guess this is the last time I will see her
I stood there and noticed half of the crowd staring at me
As if I had borrowed my eyes from them!

As I glanced down I saw a work permit card on the floor
With quite enough details to give me a reason to look for

Poem Submitted: Friday, July 17, 2009

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