Will You Love Me When I'M Ninety Poem by Francis Duggan

Will You Love Me When I'M Ninety

Will you love me when I'm ninety when I'm unsteady on my feet
Will you put your hand in my hand when we shuffle down the street
Or will you have left me for one younger found a new love in your life
For many years now we've been happy together as man and wife
Still we have our disagreements when we don't see eye to eye
It always takes two to quarrel that's a fact one can't deny
I have loved you since I first met you and you say that you love me
But you threaten for to leave me everytime we disagree
One day you may walk out on me and though I will miss you when you have gone
I will have to live without you I must keep on keeping on
You are a loving and faithful woman credit for that you are due
And I have always loved you dearly and to you I've remained true
But will you love me when I'm ninety when I'm looking the worst for wear
When I'm stooped, toothless and wrinkled and my head is bereft of hair.

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