Winter An Icy Waltz Poem by Booklover Tv Lounger

Winter An Icy Waltz

My love, I've written this letter a thousand times
It speaks of my heart, in which it chimes
That each day is not the same
Not worth living, and tis you to blame

I hope today is the day that this letter reaches you
It's stained with violet to show you how blue
You left the sky, the house, and my soul
An old flame that has lost its glow

Flakes of snow glisten in the air
Withered forget-me-nots died without care
The chills come each and every night
Not only from the wind, but from my spirit's plight

The pictures of us hang so elegantly
Above the fire place of eternity
May it warm our beings and melt the ice
That might have grown around us twice

Will I not see you in spring?
If this be so, I will forever more sing
Our love entwined
Where I am only yours, and you are only mine

Now my dear, this letter comes to an end
I hope love is what it lends
You are the key to my heart
Tis this that will never part

Patti Masterman 07 March 2010

Lots of deep feelings and eloquence in here.

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