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Music makes you move and dance
Sometimes it puts you in a trance
You sing along to the beat
Your ears find it a special treat

Happy Halloween ^.^

Ghosts pop up to say hello
The tombstones rattle to and fro
Witches cackle in the night
And a cat's screech would give you fright

Eyes That See Through Me

Everytime you are near
I feel as if your eyes glance through me
Seeing beneath my surface
Every whisper, cry, and heartache

The Love That We Used To Share

I sit here alone
Feeling unknown
The love between you and I
Was gone and lost in the tides

Winter An Icy Waltz

My love, I've written this letter a thousand times
It speaks of my heart, in which it chimes
That each day is not the same
Not worth living, and tis you to blame

My Angel

Your candy to my lips
Beauty to my eyes
My heart flutters and flips
When you give me a surprise

May Came Out To Play

Dancing flowers in the gale
Happy petals set sail
Sweet fragrances everywhere
Like cotton-candy in a fair


When winter comes and all it freezes
As time passes it turns to breezes
As gentle and benevolent
Winds seem apparent

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