Wishing The Impossible

Rating: 5.0

Midnights gaze on distant skies,
A wish that can't come true.
Sunken ships long empty shores,
A heart that's broke in two.

A place where rainbows can't occur,
Storms that have no end.
A timeless wait on hopeless dreams,
A soul which cannot mend.

A lonesome dove that drifts alone,
A star too far to see.
Destiny mocks the spirit's will,
With a mountain that’s too steep.

A dying roses last attempt,
To grasp the mornings sun.
Finding out what's sure to be,
To death the rose succumbs.

A longing that is unexplained,
A need that goes unmet.
An emptiness to great to fill,
A life of deep regret.

The harvest moon we sigh beneath,
The pining of a soul,
The belief that love’s forever,
The reality that we know.

Ivy Christou 15 March 2005

This is a great poem William, it has such a beautiful verses. I especially like 'A dying roses last attempt, To grasp the mornings sun.' It is such a moving image.. Well done HBH

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Shraddha Kinger 15 March 2005

Ok... i review again: P..... loved this one...beautifully penned.... gr8 work! ! !

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