william mae Poems

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Why Is It?

The stars have their twinkle,
The moon it’s mystic light,
But I will never hold you,
Not even for one night.

This Moment Of Happiness

If happiness only lies
In a place we don't exist
And only future days
Are one’s we miss

Are We Watching The Same Star?

I'm looking at this star tonight,
Wishing wishes would come true.
I wonder where I stand and look
If you see the same star too.

Wishing The Impossible

Midnights gaze on distant skies,
A wish that can't come true.
Sunken ships long empty shores,
A heart that's broke in two.

Soul Mates

My words are tools that’s useless,
To convey what could be said.
The truth is beating in my heart,
But lost inside my head.

Mountain Morn

I beheld this early morn
A brisk mountain day was born.
I pictured clear both glen and dell,
Also the travelers traveled trail.

For Just Tonight

With a touch
Warm and gentle.
I’ll treasure all
to me you give.

Guarded Rose

Oh guarded rose, open wide for me.
Wrap about my heart, your silky leaves.
Allow me access to your fragrance,
For I adore your pleasing treasure.

A Missing Love

Painted silver top the water,
Waves give movement to the moon,
Skipping rocks while I'm wishing,
For true love to find me soon.

Ashes To Ashes

We’ve come unto the autumn of our love.
The morning dew stopped falling,
Our garden now displays, its withered vines,
The sweetness of its soul, lost to time,

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