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Thank You And I Love You

My dear friend,
I haven’t told you this,
I always guess that people know,
But you are a part of my existence,

Hide Behind A Smile

My friend,
Let me hide behind a smile,
Even if you know the truth.

A Letter From The Soul To The Mind

A day later and I’m still here,
I’m sorry that I didn’t disappear
as you wanted me to,
I’m sorry that I’ll be the reason

Butterflies Are Fragile

All I need right now is to be left alone,
Forgotten by the rest of the world,
Forgiven by my soul,
which I have disappointed once again.

Daisies Don’t Lie

A peaceful rainbow
painted with our colourful memories,
butterflies around us
dancing tango with the wind

Ivy Christou Comments

Lynette Dias-Gouveia 30 August 2006

Ivy's work is brilliant indeed and i wish her every success..

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Uriah Hamilton 20 March 2006

You're both kind and intelligent! ! I'm so proud that you have read any of my poems!

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Max Reif 06 October 2005

Ivy, you're a sensitive soul with a perceptive eye, a good heart, and, I believe, a strong will to growth. You've written all this at nineteen (I sure hadn't at that age) . Your poems speak of heartache, faith, and hope. I pray for your safe, full spreading and use of your spirit's wings, and I feel you have the potential, as your life-journey continues to unfold, to express things that will also be helpful to others.

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Thomas Viruvelil 19 September 2005

Your poems are really touching my mind making me clearly feel your feelings so well.You are really a promising poet with divine creativity

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I can write to the third person and mention what I have achieved so far but I won't. At the end of the day all I want is for at least one person to remember what I wrote and not who I am. I write for a hobby but it doesn't mean I do not appreciate it enough. Poetry will always be a place to escape, you don't know me and I don't know you but we all appreciate each other's poetry and that somehow brings us closer than if we randomly met someday..

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