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My dear friend,
I haven’t told you this,
I always guess that people know,
But you are a part of my existence,

My friend,
Let me hide behind a smile,
Even if you know the truth.

A day later and I’m still here,
I’m sorry that I didn’t disappear
as you wanted me to,
I’m sorry that I’ll be the reason

All I need right now is to be left alone,
Forgotten by the rest of the world,
Forgiven by my soul,
which I have disappointed once again.

A peaceful rainbow
painted with our colourful memories,
butterflies around us
dancing tango with the wind

I always thought that sunflowers
were too common to be loved,
Until you gave me one.
And then like a sunflower,

The insanity of each battle,
And people attack each other
And people die..

I was there when you were born,
everyone said that you looked like an angel.
For me you were an angel.
The nurse put you in my arms

I think this is the point were goodbyes
Sound appropriate and are said with no regrets.
It is a sign of wisdom if you know
When to move forward and leave some things behind,

I don’t see a falling star but I’ll make a wish,
My guardian angel is out there and he‘ll listen to me.
Take me away from this world of lies
And let me live in a place where love never dies.

If my world were about to end
I would probably let my existence fade away,
Without saying a last word
Or writing a letter to mark my presence.

Picasso's clouds sprinkled in the sky
and below them
ducks that laugh as
they search for the hidden sun.

Today a Caterpillar was dancing on my plant’s leaf,
Green with white strips,
Its panoply shining in the sun,
I guess you would not call it pretty.

Dear broken heart
I’ll go through your questions
One by one,
For these things as you know,

The clock has just struck one.
Have you seen Cinderella tonight?
Was she ever real?

I thought today was the day I was waiting all my life,
the day that our bodies are finally getting married
because our souls are already joined...
But the day I was waiting for

So there is half a moon tonight
And there is no hint of clouds
And falling stars can be seen
And I can lie on the grass

Tell me how to overcome this fear
And I will listen and memorise every word.
Point to me the easy solution
But remind me that all great things need courage.

To you honey,
may you rest in the same peace
I had when we were together

It’s been a busy day,
Working, laughing with friends,
Keeping the mind occupied
And the heart satisfied with nonsense.

Ivy Christou Biography

I can write to the third person and mention what I have achieved so far but I won't. At the end of the day all I want is for at least one person to remember what I wrote and not who I am. I write for a hobby but it doesn't mean I do not appreciate it enough. Poetry will always be a place to escape, you don't know me and I don't know you but we all appreciate each other's poetry and that somehow brings us closer than if we randomly met someday..)

The Best Poem Of Ivy Christou

Thank You And I Love You

My dear friend,
I haven’t told you this,
I always guess that people know,
But you are a part of my existence,
Part of my reality
And heart.
I can carry on
And cover simple words
With complicated meanings,
But at the end
All I will say is
Thank you and
I love you..

Ivy Christou Comments

Lynette Dias-Gouveia 30 August 2006

Ivy's work is brilliant indeed and i wish her every success..

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Uriah Hamilton 20 March 2006

You're both kind and intelligent! ! I'm so proud that you have read any of my poems!

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Max Reif 06 October 2005

Ivy, you're a sensitive soul with a perceptive eye, a good heart, and, I believe, a strong will to growth. You've written all this at nineteen (I sure hadn't at that age) . Your poems speak of heartache, faith, and hope. I pray for your safe, full spreading and use of your spirit's wings, and I feel you have the potential, as your life-journey continues to unfold, to express things that will also be helpful to others.

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Thomas Viruvelil 19 September 2005

Your poems are really touching my mind making me clearly feel your feelings so well.You are really a promising poet with divine creativity

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