Alexander Foald

Witch - Poem by Alexander Foald

Choked in the middle, almost die
Only by one view, love at first sight
Keeps going on and on, within the frame of light
Mouth can’t speak the secret, only kept in tongue

She had beauty, she had charm, she had everything she wants
Yet she couldn’t find satisfaction in each and every rhyme
So she picked up the phone and let the number ring over the cable
She called out every man in town, waking them up while lying on the bed

She had the tallest tower in the city, and everyone was eager to go
She held up the party late night, she even invited people she didn’t know
Everyone was happy and their laughter was thrown out of the big window
While she stood by the edge of it, looking down below

And there she smiled, her hands wide open, trying to grab the strong wind
Lights of the city at her back, silhouetting a small body, legs covered in blue denim
The voices and sounds now froze somehow, staring eyes set on a flashing dream
She let the gravity take control, and off she went with the wind

News report said it was an accident; too much drink, too confused to act normal
Rumors spreading on the entire town, became a legend among the people
They never found a body beneath the water, or even anywhere near the tower
Leaving wonders and guesses out of the border, over the highest wall

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, August 28, 2010

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