With Great Power Comes Great Evangelism! Poem by Denis Martindale

With Great Power Comes Great Evangelism!

Evangelists that God would choose go anywhere they're told,
To preach to Gentiles and to Jews, and to the young and old.

A billion Bibles aren't enough to save the lost from Hell,
So preachers preach about God's love before life bids farewell.

So learn from those who seek to preach, so family and friends
Are learning from the ones who teach, as on this all depends.

If we've got gifts, then give God praise, then share the Saviour's grace,
That's why we all must seize these days, the last days to embrace.

Denis Martindale. August 2022.

Watch Daniel Chand as he explains evangelism today!

The Gospel poem got shared on Revelation TV's
R-Mornings on the 2nd of August 2022 and promotes
the Twilight Zone with evangelist Daniel Chand and
Gospel tent crusades events to be attended in 2022.

With Great Power Comes Great Evangelism!
Thursday, August 4, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: gospel
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