Without A Laugh Day Poem by Francis Duggan

Without A Laugh Day

Some people about money they worry themselves gray
But life is scarce worth living without a laugh a day
For if you live without laughter how boring your life must be
You are worse off than a pauper though you may be well off financially.

Who could not love the sound of laughter to it there is such a happy ring
And the simple gift of laughter it is such a marvellous thing
And those without the gift of laughter deserve some sympathy
For sad faced and humourless people do not make good company.

The person who cannot laugh at a party out of place
And people always warm to the one with a happy and a smiling face
And with those who say that laughter is the best of medicine
How could one disagree
It has a warm glow to it that's how 'twould seem to me.

Some though financialy well off seem sad faced all of the time
And one never see them smiling as if to smile is a crime
For to get to know such people few will go out of their way
And life has to be quite boring without a laugh a day.

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