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Wizards World - Poem by julie kops

Can you believe in this reality,
Are you sure of what you see,
Do you know where you are going,
Have you found your destiny?

The wizard holds his crystal ball,
Where the whole world dwells inside,
The stars, the sun, the moon,
All following his every tide,

Lightning flies from his fingertips,
As he taps upon the glass,
His laughter echoes like thunder,
While their lifetimes quickly pass,

Sometimes he has to cry,
Each rain drop a lonely tear,
His sadness carries on the wind,
That few will ever hear.

He calls out to them,
But they cannot hear his voice,
He longs to join their reality,
But he's lost the power of choice,

For those inside his globe,
Will never know their fate,
Even if they find the truth,
For them it's much too late.

They are toys in his game,
Amusement for his mind,
He watches their futility,
As they follow his design.

They have no hope of leaving,
Though they search forever in vain,
This their shining cage,
Derived from a lonely man's pain.

A few he watches closely,
For they almost understand,
Just for a fleeting moment,
They glimpse the wizard's hand.

Though they're never sure,
Of everything they see,
They doubt their own existence,
Searching for an identity.

It once was so enjoyable,
To see their madness take control,
But through the years he's added the weight.
For the destruction of each soul.

Now he's hanging on a cross,
Created by the die he has cast,
And though he screams for rescue,
There is nothing there but glass.

Topic(s) of this poem: dream

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Poem Submitted: Monday, September 14, 2015

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