Stanley Collymore

Woman - Poem by Stanley Collymore

Lift your voice unapologetically up to the hills; raise a defiant
clamour: triumphant and unambiguously clear, about your
perceived status as a proud female, and simultaneously
and flagrantly let the entire world unequivocally
know that you’re a free woman, unbowed,
unbranded, quite resolute about your selected role as
to who you are and significantly what you want
and are absolutely determined to become;
all conscious decisions of your own
choosing and independently
arrived at by you.

In effect and distinctly so, in what’s generally and undeniably
a society of mindless conformists, let it be equally known
that you are a most untypical lady in character with
aspirational goals that are all hers, and not those
speciously or calculatedly devised or even
patronizingly consented to and grudgingly approved
of by some psychologically immature or baneful
misogynistic male, however persuasive or
well-meaning that misogyny might be,
desperately needing to prove to himself his
dubious masculinity or else his non-existent virility;
or worse still who’s aided and abetted by the
supportive artifice of an acquiescent,
female sycophant profoundly influenced into meekly
accepting her purported designated role in society
as a second class citizen, and who emphatically
considers herself to be man’s private property
because, you guessed it, the Bible tells her
so, the status quo endorses that view, and
therefore she firmly believes it to be
true, that she’s man’s spare rib.

Well sorry to disabuse you about any of this folks but I’ve never,
don’t, nor will I ever buy that twaddle. And if like me you’re
totally gender confident, conscientious, inwardly as well
as outwardly positive about and committedly forward
thinking in relation to yourself and, attendant with
that, assiduously aspire to comprehensively ditch
the negatives and concentrate instead on the
constructive aspects of your daily life as
you productively forge a redemptive
pathway with regard to being a
singular female and worthy
human being, you too,
I’m categorically
sure, won’t

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Nature either created or at least was highly instrumental in the evolution of mankind, and while retrospectively there are those who regard its judgment as deeply flawed there are also others who’re even more censorious in their overall assessment and think that the whole experiment involving human beings should never have occurred in the first place.

Whatever! The reality is we’re here: man and woman; two separate and biologically different genders for perfectly obvious reasons, else none of us would exist, fashioned in a way as to be mutually compatible for the benefit and untrammelled progress of both.

That there are however serious problems with mankind adhering to this specific roadmap and not achieving these laudable objectives isn’t the fault I believe of Nature or looking at it from a religious perspective God if you like, but rather mankind’s own marked inability to actually grow up, to stop behaving universally like a spoilt brat and as an alternative show the kind of respect both sexes evidently deserve and unquestionably are entitled to have from each other.


© Stanley V. Collymore
11 October 2013.

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