Unwed, Pregnant And Abandoned! Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Unwed, Pregnant And Abandoned!

Alright, so I’m pregnant! And while I freely admit that
my condition is no more your fault than it is my
own the stark reality all the same is that we’re both
personally responsible for what has happened and there’s
no getting away from that. And rather than you turn
your back on me as you’ve clearly done leaving
me to face this problem, which is of both
our doing, all on my own while
signalling that it’s all my fault, the least you
could have done was to talk the matter
over with me and help us both to
reach a satisfactory compromise of
how best to proceed from where
we currently are, doing so
not just for both our
sakes but that of
our unborn
baby as

Look! I’m not asking you to marry me or anything
like that, as the last thing I want to do is tie you
down in any way, since I know all too well
that you’re neither ready for nor willing,
come to that, to take on the responsibility
of matrimony, bearing in mind that
ours wasn’t what one would call
a serious relationship; but
notwithstanding that
I’m pregnant and
you are my

Having an abortion is for me out of the question as I
couldn’t live with myself if I went through with
it, and that’s a decision that has nothing to
do with moral scruples as I’m not
particularly religious; it’s simply that killing my
own flesh and blood revolts me! So one way
or another I will have and keep this child.
And while it’s a given that you and I
will henceforth live separate and
independent lives from each
other there’s nevertheless one
discernible and inescapable fact
that you can’t run away or
hide from, regardless
of how much you
might try to.

And it’s this: that you’re a dad now; and whether or
not you choose to play a meaningful role or no
part at all in our child’s life, and that’s a
decision which you must conscionably or
otherwise make on your own, our two lives have
irrevocably been changed and can never again
be the same. For we’re parents now with
very serious responsibilities not just to
ourselves but also and quite significantly too
to a child who though we both recklessly
created it, all the same deserves the
best we can jointly offer it as it
didn’t ask to be here. And
that outcome, heedless and
immature as it was, is
entirely our doing;
let’s not forget!

A recently published report that surfaced in November 2013 states that the British per se and their womenfolk in particular are now less uptight sexually than at any time previously in their past history. That’s news to me, since from personal experience I know differently; and don’t ask me to provide proof of that, even though I can, as it’s none of your bloody business!

For in reality those whom this report is commending for their purported sexual liberation are actually seasoned sexual practitioners who’ve now opted after generations of deception and pretence, and of which they’ve been crucially a part, to come out of the closet of what was invariably clandestine and unbridled lascivious existences.

A step in the right direction this belated openness of theirs no doubt and something to be fulsomely applauded I’m sure. But while some and perhaps even a majority of you are overly concentrating on this one aspect of contemporary British sexuality let’s not forget in your over-enthusiasm and backslapping the other more sobering and not insignificant one of multiple unplanned pregnancies with their attendant contribution to the increasing social dysfunctionality now prevalent within British society.

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