Woman Of Poems

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She is - mysterious
A calf, a thigh, a curve of the belly
The silken skin revealing
The chestnut hair concealing

Who is the lady?
She weaves through my dreams
Offering a tender foot for my caress
Or a dance that promises so much more
An invitation to dine on her passion
Or leaving her essence on my white dress shirt
Her wardrobe in another reverie

Her words knit fantasy to fantasy
But her mouth, her face, remains elusive
No lips to kiss
No eyes to reflect my devotion back to me
No cheek to lavish with kisses

She circles and reveals her arching back
Sweeping down to the gentle swell of her buttocks
A promise
She reclines, arms around a raised knee
Ankle teasingly guarding her fertility
Her gateway temptingly concealed

This woman of words, braider of erotic baubles


Adeline Foster 20 October 2015

Yet who is anonymous? Interesting poem and deep. Read mine - We the Unencumbered - Adeline

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William Jackson 18 April 2007

I like this poem for it's mystery, the woman just out of reach.

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Michael Fischer 18 April 2007

Excellent poem! Very descriptive. Fine use of language and great flow. You captured the essence of this woman. Top marks! -Michael

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