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An English teacher in an alternative high school for former dropouts in inner-city Chicago for the last decade, he has worked in newspapers for several years prior to his current vocation. Meyer writes in both formal and informal verse on a variety of topics. He is a happy Chicagoan now.

Robert J Meyer Poems

Woman Of Poems

She is - mysterious
A calf, a thigh, a curve of the belly
The silken skin revealing
The chestnut hair concealing


She enveloped my senses on her arrival -
Midnight tresses, the mark of her Olympian precursor
Reflecting the hour of our meeting -
Beauty born of wisdom,


As the sun rises
From the Cebu Straits,
An orchid,

Vanishing Point

Like a vibrant blush in the far distance,
A touch, just visible, like a spark,
An intuition more than a preference
Simmers deep within, or an urge to embark

Reading Neruda To My Lover

We stood in an old book store
That telescoped from room to room,
And in a corner, I found a book.
Listen, I said -

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