Woman With A Bee Sting Perfume Poem by Ombuge M Moses

Woman With A Bee Sting Perfume

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By Ombuge Moses

Chilly morning so fine
As cold as I took shower
I drive not for I have no car
Not because I don’t want to drive
Reasons based to me
I board a public bus
The bus so empty seats
A woman gets into the bus
Old like my mother’s eldest sister
Heavy bugs like a tourist on move
Aggressive she looks
Public bus loud music
A culture for my people
The bus is empty
Next to me she seats
Shouting to her voice
Driver to stop music
Young people are coming in
The bus is full
She still shouts
Young people loud music to soul
The noisy woman has a perfume
She is sweating, demands me to open window
In respect I open as she removes her perfume
She pours it on herself
This perfume is not good to my health
I suffer inside aggressive she looks
I respect women those who love
To respect young people too
The bus is full, full of a bee sting smell
Young men get on the floor
Screaming pain in vain
Thinking the bee is in the bus
The woman with the bee sting perfume
Seem not to realize
The window is open bus too speeding
The bee sting in vain perfume to content
The woman cares less for she applies more
More bee sting perfume to herself
She enjoys the smell as young people afraid
One realizes and in sheng demands
She wants me to tell my “Mother” to stop
Stop applying this smelly bee sting perfume
In sheng I reply, in laughter they make fun
For I am denouncing my “Mother” open in public
At my destination she tells me “Thank”
“Thank you for your window cooperation”
“I feel fresh now, no more sweating”
Am also alighting, the young men and women
On their seats misbehaves
Perhaps or maybe going to a picnic
Younger than me, younger than my younger brother
Mock me as I get out of the bus
Together with my “Mother” while helping her
Helping to carry her loaded bags
The feel of a moving tourist
Being a cool and polite person
I forgive them for they are young
Younger than me, younger than my brother
Hoping one day to meet them again
To explain better, this is not my mother
For she met me in the bus, public to precise
Out of the bus, I pray, pray to God to bless
To bless me with a car of my own
Increase money in my pocket public bus not to board
Tired I seemed, its getting hot as I seat on this computer
To write this poem, a true thought and feeling
This morning
A woman with bee sting perfume
God to bless her
To understand the young people
To reduce the baggage
To have a tester for perfume
Bee sting smell to stop
And driver to soften the music
Young men and women to be safe
My ears seem numb
Maybe in a music coma
Sleeping not to hear
Smells bee sting perfume
A bright day has started.
I hope this thought reaches to them
Young men and women
A woman with bee sting perfume


Abu Imran 24 July 2012

The strory's funny, lol! ...but you would have included a little more imagery in it and some more rhyme just to spice it up a lil' bit..good work though

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