Word Of War Poem by Luca Menin

Word Of War


Flow of light fragment in the night sky
And my Eyes penetrate far into the eyes of man queuing, Crawling like a lizard cold blood.
Morbid attractive vanity of prostitute mind coupled,
Giving birth to lazy memory of soldier life, and cool blood,

Disappearing warmed-blood.
Enchanting mermaids, locked the red sea.
Flocks of birds in my palate, and nausea and regret.
Body nymph, hungry for rape, orgies of minds.
From the darkness to the altar where the executioner kills,
Brain and heart are to the slaughter.
The eyes are their minds,
Life and Love are only complaints.


Down to earth, blood and war
Myths of century, Nazi's orgasms.
Sailors mutinied at sunrise.
White corpse, populate my mind.

Fears open my eyes
The murderess is in the world, Is in every person.
Empty of any emotion,
My freedom will become a low-altitude flight of a shallow in a highway.


Crying does give life to the corpses buried in war,
but their games would be to sing.
And go back to sleep again, like a blowing wind.
Of agony and boring sun, of light and heat.

Every think is dark, where to look with cat eyes.
Like stars in the night.
Like disgusting and misunderstood souls.
Waiting to rise from the stomach of our though.


Understanding, the obvious night, and the obvious think.
Escape of journey, scenes of yourself.
In your cold mind, whispering heat on and off, to taste.
Mixed religion and confusion

Forgiven, forgiveness, sea water, natural habit.
Mosaic composition of fragments of a fiction story
Science fiction and fantasy society

Of dream and love,
Of fear and pain
Of fate
Of life and death.


Man and woman, naked in an orgy, symbol of pleasure
Screaming in my hears, blood murders.
She just lying with open eyes, somebody shooter.
She dying
She was born on honey and milk.
Her hair made of black gold, ribbons, jewels and crown.
Flow from a nest of feather and sticks
Good by my Princess of middle east.

The countless eyes describe her death.
End of a relationship, fled to the sky attached to his land.
Cultivate pride and reason, but with not good spring
Anguish the last descendent of life. The soul.


Night falls along with the stars and the moon.
Blood and fear sill argues over, who stay.
However, for you they have ready decide.
Guard on our eyes, in a world of slave leisure.

The word momentarily deceives, the tongue wiggles.
Insecure snakes are born from the past.
In the city where no one knows.
Where the close eyes, open on the tower of desire.


The begin stop; a cloud rises from the ruin of the city.
Micro-organisms in a universe
Species of sperm, cells and souls
Wretched and weird, proud and dissatisfied.


A vicious dream of life
The eye and blinded, and wanders in search of light.
Don t runs from your memories.
1000 moons cannot change your believe.

I forgot the thought into nothingness.
Straight to your eyes, already forgot, by those who invented.
Prisoner mind from enchanted eyes.
Praising war,


The sunset of yellow shape, disappear,
And lives of the nights, born from ancient silence,
are crying and laments.
Wiggling in the stomach of the minds
Like a prisoner in a cage of fear,

The moon is mothering.
Locked, and sleepy between the sheet,
Like a dance on the night light, the bells are hearing.
The Souls coupled to the echoes.
Of water fall, and antique mountain, breathing dream of freedom.


The inner voices awake,
Like the indifference swimming of the fish between the sea and the sky,
Weighting in our mind, chain in our eyes, blind, running horses and birth of butterfly, Clearing mind and body.
Loot the night to the one who is sleeping.
Fill is pocket with golden coin, upheaval the soul,
And celebrate sacred wars.

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