Harindhar Reddy

Haliya, Hyderabad, India
Harindhar Reddy
Haliya, Hyderabad, India
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Wordolia! Vocab-Maniac In Lexis Mania Concoted Morphology Mafia With Wordology, Soundology & Hymnology: logy, Ogy, Gy With A Hope: Booms Animalia!

Rating: 1.0
Canto - 1
Jack-tar! Just to empty emotions, abruptly
a Frankenstein's monstrosity intruded corruptly
on eartborns' lives in robotic avathar, tar-tar in rat-war;
but it only toted up to total hysteria, hardy har har!

Canto - 2
Dojigger-TV is a ribber, drubber, uprooter
and vexer with litter: titter, tatter,
flatter and hebetudinous sameness,
without matter or meter mussing messiness, o yes!

Canto - 3
Often dilly-dallying in the shade has made
silly and hillbilly Milly a
Kooky wacko
and daffy bughouse: Marquis De Sade
Yackty-yak! Ended as a buggy nutjob, loony loco!

Canto - 4
One-on-one socio-relation of men are done,
domestication of goats & voyage on boats is gone;
Pychos, machos, outoself s & bio elfs are roughshod ride,
Slayer and briber cylcle together side by side!

Canto - 5
Now Shakespeare's sumptuous words are long dead,
Yet bumptious whatchamacallit is read;
making you a dud dunce & bugs busy
While on the bed lie bipeds goosy and lazy
with befuddled ideas that huddle and cuddle!
Modern man oft stand in the middle of a puddle!

Fiddle-fuddle, life's a flapdoodle and trash,
babble-gabble, life's is a falsetto hogwash!
yo-yo homo bio is a lameo sapling
that circles circa the middle of a puddle, tong-ting!

Canto - 7
In the shade of the brightest boughs of those
trees and in breeze keel-billed toucans and Blue Jays
love to live by trilling melodic trill
And fill the rills and hills in thrall-thrill!

Canto - 8
Kaboom! noisy sounds of onomatopoeia burst
with crush, crunch and boom: big-bang on earth's crust
with boomerang, freaked free birds to fly and die.
Now life's only cacophony in a hen-yard of hens
Sans Symphony of singsongy wrens!
leaving everything in mumbo-jumbo
Birds are gone with the wind, leaving humans in limbo.

Conto - 9
Wordolia! Vocab-Maniac In lexis mania
created Morphology Mafia With Wordology,
Soundology & Hymnology:
logy, Ogy,
Gy With A Hope - 'Go back to pristiñe flora and fauna!

Canto - 10
Hope! rat-tat-bat, hit-a-hat and pit-a-pat saw rabble
Of rain fall hop with drip-drop-dribble
on the treelets of a far foreign and bare barren
land where Animalia flourishes wherein
one more time, more, more, of course not sure!

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