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Harindhar Reddy's Notice Board: Dearest poets/readers, I am grateful to you for reading about me and my poems. I also cordially invite you to read my poems and leave your priceless web comments and vote my poems.

Harindhar Reddy's Bulletin Board: Dear publishers, I here by declare with my heart and soul to contact me anytime as I am keen too publish my poems very soon and I'm looking for top publishing houses across the globe.

Biography: Personal Background:
Harindhar Reddy was born in 1983 at a Hamlet near Nagarjuna Sagar 140 Kilometers away from Hyderabad in India. His father was a farmer with some land. Soon family property dwindled away and Reddy's family was a road of Bankrupt for inexplicaable reasons. He father did some odds job to help him finish his studies with great diff ...

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Jacqui Broad 06 November 2011

He is a poet of great skill! Always carrying a smile in his heart! Romance he seems to understand! Insightful when it comes to life! Named as one of my friends! Drawing pictures of beautiful art! He is a poet, And I love to read his poems again and again! Rich in imagination and generosity...

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Arfa Iris 20 October 2011

u r very good poet.......... the use of words is simply amazing.............. good work Hari.......... keep it up......

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Clinton Ricks 15 November 2011

hello sir! your poems are awesome and fantastic.especially crimson love.............

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Prashanth Shetkar 16 November 2011

Sir...... Your poems are very super... sir...... meeroka rebel star la assume cheskoni poem rayandi, and show patriotism in your poem...

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Crimson Love 05 November 2011

Oh the words that come from this poets pen are magnificently beautiful to say the very least. Every single poem, inspires awe, and a sense of love. truly a beautiful sight his poems are. truly a magnificent writer, aswell as a glorious friend. <3 CL

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Dr Dillip K Swain 17 May 2020

Typos: please read as: Harindhar! I see a great literary future in Harindhar! Wish him good luck with happy poetry writing.

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Vaibhav Simha 17 May 2020

A wonderful poet who finds poetic respite in rhyme, which in turn is furbelowed with meaning and celebration.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 30 April 2020

Harindher Reddy is a promising poet with a unique pen! I have read only a few poems of this wonderful poet! I find illustrious beauty in his poetry! Wish him a sparkling literary journey!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 28 April 2020

Harindhar Reddy is an excellent poet, writing poems filled with beauty and wonder. I’m glad to know his poetry....

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Mahtab Bangalee 28 April 2020

H- Honey there is in his excellent poetic writings A- Adoration of wisdom and natural love in his list R- Radiant of the expressions he meditates in dictions I- In his heart he cultivates wondering literary actions N- Neat and clean words I find in his submitted poems D- Designs where fiction to non-fiction as true gems H- Happy aroma of true poetic acumen he spreads A- All reader can enjoy his brilliancy by reading him R- Righteous thought I think in his polite poetic lien

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The Best Poem Of Harindhar Reddy

All Fools Paradise (A Life Poem)

An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar
Ha! Ha! Scholar is climbing a ladder!

The Scholar became a poet bold,
The poet became a teacher for dollar!
The teacher flew a marathon, aftermath,
Having armed Ferric sword and shield of gold!
Ha! Ha! Poet is fighting for a ladder!

With the knowledge at his side!
Tomfoolery from the other side,
The poet fought a losing battle,
With loser as a title!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Poet is falling from a ladder!

In this world of plastic smiles with no emotions,
Yet smear their face with tons of lotions and potions!
In this world of artificiality, when the fools run a day,
Living with Knowledge is not a way!
Ha! Ha! Ha! The fool is sitting on a ladder!

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30 October 2021

'ONE can neither clap with single hand nor laugh with single set of teeth and be one among the flock of falcons in the flight.' 🌴🥀🌼🏵️🎍💠👍... Harindhar Reddy

30 October 2021

'I'm all-in-1 with a tag 2-in-1: Sci-fi poet with highfy vocab & pedagog 2 inspire; Diametric dude: humourous & sensitive =John Byron's hero' Harindhar Reddy

30 October 2021

HOT/SPOT on a HOT-SEAT: 'I'm neither good nor bad; a river out flows over its brim each time I unleash the floodgates of my heart.' Harindhar Reddy

30 October 2021

👯'MAZURKAS! Be an APPREHENDER and WANTER to know; ' wherefore encircle CIRCA knowledge in the life's circus! ' Harindhar Reddy

30 October 2021

'Cock-a-snook! HUMANITY died a DEATH in the hands of my kin & kITH and living in a MYTH. Withal, Trust I it takes reincarnation (REBIRTH) even if it changes its avthaar on one fine day, cock-a-hoop! ' Harindhar Reddy

30 October 2021

'Tommyrot! It gives us GOOSEBUMPS with a GOOSE EGG! Humans are on the up & up letting humanity to go down in the dumbs by treating it with dime a dozen! Aliens hail thee human rats....' Harindhar Reddy

30 October 2021

'Lo! Folks/figures/types/sorts/ peeps/plebs/proles/chaps! We're not only made of blood & bones but also by food of thoughts. That being so I'm what I'M & YOU'RE what YOU'RE! ' Harindhar Reddy

Harindhar Reddy Popularity

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