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An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar

Daffodils, clear rills with musk-rose fills!
Tweet-tweet, It's a feast in eyes of the green universe;
With Her photographic smile, her youth blooms!
With genuine style, her bosom blossoms,

Amazing people across the globe since folk law and myth matters
Mystifying array of vibrant colors litters the sky with glitters,
Lent by sun, a gift of wonder is northern lights or Auruoa Borealis,
Multicolors dawn the sky at the Southern Lights or TAurora Australis

When I am mood – frantic,
I just called up your smile-romantic!
Happiness filled my heart – melodramatic,
Harriet is my Juliet, I am her Romeo yet!

Drifting in the lonely redwoods, I met a monstrous leviathan
By switching his homes and names - hermit and egotist heinous
Loner, sequester and seclusionist are his names - atrocious!
Lonely dybbuk visits every home gifting a rocket to you and me,

I am safe in the mystic riddles and natural pleasures,
The sky is lit with Aladdin’s lamps and universal treasures,
While stars are twinkling and junketing in a New York minute!
Whishing and whooshing! Whistling and whisking in the heaven set!

Resting between Ontario and New York, Niagara Falls score
420 million years, breathtaking beauties of nature spark
Falls can get up to 202,000 cubic feet per second in a natural lore
Extended more than 62 miles, it, the most impressive landmark

Bombilating like fleas, bombinating like bees;
Philandering like donkeys, fiddling like monkeys!
Buzzing around begonia in pensive moods,
Huffing and puffing along ruminative roads...

I aimed at conquering the sky by forgetting fog and mist
To become an economist and a Kautilya but here is a twist.....
I planned to scale the Mount Everest by chanting 'omkara! '
Yet, A surprised debacle stored in the corner to catch my muse!

World has advanced in many days...
Yet in 21st Century poverty retains in umpteen ways;
Hunger glinted in his eyes...
He does begging and petty thievery, at the same time!

Days after days are passing one by one,
As we flip pages, noticing none,
Nothing is innovative and strange
As everything is monotonous without any tinge!

Innocence is bliss,
Experience is class
Childhood is remarkable as ever
But half-knowledge is dangerous as ever

</></>With stunning charm, she is of a beauty batch.....
With gorgeous figure, she is a pretty match!
Albeit her face is cute as apple fruit
Her gambling eyes made me mute......

I thought our relationship is human and all
But it is not, a bit more.......
I thought our relationship is family and tall
But it is not, a bit more.........

Flash it back, flash it back! Many moons ago - Sun is the god,
Stars are angels yet the moon is the lord;
Nature is the empire of plants and flowers.....
Trees and fruits danced in nature’s showers!

Traveling in the jungle, I met a solo ghost changing his shape
as a narcissist, pillarist, eremite and anchorite - is mordacious;
with forms Crackpot, cloistered monk, closet cynic, he's horrendous!
Solo ghost is an universal host and a black spot of lonely landscape.

</>Random of thoughts is the kingdom of Youth,
Irregularity is his regularity, what a rarity!
He speaks with vivified speed, yet with alarming clarity,
With the speed of a glider, he does his deeds,

She is beautiful,
Because she is my cup of tea!
She is beautiful,
because She is my honey tree!

For sure, for reasons unknown in some season,
In every door loneliness dwells, a cup of hemlock poison;
In every soul loneliness rules, an internal fire in prison;
It deals with fools and wise, likewise, an eternal treason,

There's a bluebird in my heart wanting freedom,
I asked it to shut up and locked it in a room of boredom,
I won’t allow it to mingle with people’s unbearable stupidity!
Poverty is a curse so is the loneliness – a terrible property.

Harindhar Reddy Biography

Harindhar Reddy's Notice Board: Dearest poets/readers, I am grateful to you for reading about me and my poems. I also cordially invite you to read my poems and leave your priceless web comments and vote my poems. Harindhar Reddy's Bulletin Board: Dear publishers, I here by declare with my heart and soul to contact me anytime as I am keen too publish my poems very soon and I'm looking for top publishing houses across the globe. Biography: Personal Background: Harindhar Reddy was born in 1983 at a Hamlet near Nagarjuna Sagar 140 Kilometers away from Hyderabad in India. His father was a farmer with some land. Soon family property dwindled away and Reddy's family was a road of Bankrupt for inexplicaable reasons. He father did some odds job to help him finish his studies with great difficulty. He was a student of English Literature (M.A.) at Osmania University in Hyderabad. Professional Career: He is a teacher by profession, poet by heart and sensitive by nature. He worked at RGU-IIIT, Basar in A.P. Currently he is working as teacher in English under Maldivian Ministry. Dream Career: He is no more interested in teaching and looking for other options. He is interested to settle as professional writer or editor in poetry section or editor in newspaper agency or freelance writer. Ambition - poetry - inspiration: He is inspired by the all time greatest American poets Robert Frost and Emily Dickensen. He has burning desire to become an established poet in English. His aim is become on of the popular poets of 21st century. He cherishes the poetic lines of Rober frost's Birches - ' When I see birches bend to left and right Across the lines of straighter darker trees, I like to think some boy's been swinging them.' He enjoys his own poetic lines - ' I am a CAT to rats; I am a TIGER to deers, I am DEATH to bad; I am LIFE to good; Yet I am a FRIEND to you' from HIS own poem Rock and Roll! Jack and Soul! OUR TEACHER''S MAGIC SHOW in the Hall! He is also influenced by the poetry Emily Dickensen, Walt Whitman, Sarojini Naidu and kamala Das. (URL is http: //www.poemhunter.com/harindhar-reddy/ List of 10 Topics and Harindhar Reddy's Poetry: 1) Trend setter and exponent of Loneliness poems: 1) His Philosophy and poems (RAT-RACE) : Harindhar Believes in the philosophy of 'rat-race' initiated by Selma Lagerlof in her story 'A Rattrap Peddler.The entire world is a rattrap offering cheese. Soon you and I are tempted to touch the bait with ease. End as trapped like a rattrap peddler. In so called age of technocrats, I live; you live like a cat on hot bricks without any aim waiting for Doomsday day. Further, he strongly believes in the philosophy of Samuel Becket who once said 'Life is disjointed, repetitious, and meaningless wicket'. In 'the dog eat dog world, Life is a theatre of Absurd. The philosophy of Rat-race can be felt in many of his poems on loneliness - especially - 21 Century Popular Philosophy: Part-1: Hip, hip, hurray! RAT-RACE in Surrey! Love Poetry: Harindhar has good hand in writing love poems. He is impressed by Love poetry of John Keats, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Burns and James Fuller. 'I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight' quoted from ‘How Do I Love Thee’ by Elizabeth Barrett Browning are his favourite lines of poetry. He also likes love poems of Mark R Slaughter and VIPINS PUTHOORAN. His fovorite love poem written by himself is - Hustle and Bustle! Love Boats Jostle in My Heart’s Castle! Nature Poetry and Romanticism: However, He is inspired by Wordsworth, Robert Frost, P.B.Shelley, William Blake, and John Keats. He regards nature as a source and resource for happiness. For all the living creatures, Nature is an inspiration. 'Though the dull brain perplexes and retards: Already with thee! tender is the night, And haply the Queen-Moon is on her throne, Cluster'd around by all her starry Fays; the lines quoted from 'Ode to a Nightingale' written by John Keats are his all time favorite lines of poetry. He is also influenced by 21st century nature poets Francis Duggan and Mark R Slaughter. He enjoys reading and writing nature poetry. Many poems flowed from his heart like flow of brooks. His favorite nature poem penned down by himself is Natural LANDSCAPE: Part-2 Hello Mister! The giant Banyan - a morale booster!)

The Best Poem Of Harindhar Reddy

All Fools Paradise (A Life Poem)

An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar
Ha! Ha! Scholar is climbing a ladder!

The Scholar became a poet bold,
The poet became a teacher for dollar!
The teacher flew a marathon, aftermath,
Having armed Ferric sword and shield of gold!
Ha! Ha! Poet is fighting for a ladder!

With the knowledge at his side!
Tomfoolery from the other side,
The poet fought a losing battle,
With loser as a title!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Poet is falling from a ladder!

In this world of plastic smiles with no emotions,
Yet smear their face with tons of lotions and potions!
In this world of artificiality, when the fools run a day,
Living with Knowledge is not a way!
Ha! Ha! Ha! The fool is sitting on a ladder!

Harindhar Reddy Comments

Jacqui Broad 06 November 2011

He is a poet of great skill! Always carrying a smile in his heart! Romance he seems to understand! Insightful when it comes to life! Named as one of my friends! Drawing pictures of beautiful art! He is a poet, And I love to read his poems again and again! Rich in imagination and generosity...

14 0 Reply
Arfa Iris 20 October 2011

u r very good poet.......... the use of words is simply amazing.............. good work Hari.......... keep it up......

10 0 Reply
Clinton Ricks 15 November 2011

hello sir! your poems are awesome and fantastic.especially crimson love.............

6 2 Reply
Prashanth Shetkar 16 November 2011

Sir...... Your poems are very super... sir...... meeroka rebel star la assume cheskoni poem rayandi, and show patriotism in your poem...

6 1 Reply
Crimson Love 05 November 2011

Oh the words that come from this poets pen are magnificently beautiful to say the very least. Every single poem, inspires awe, and a sense of love. truly a beautiful sight his poems are. truly a magnificent writer, aswell as a glorious friend. <3 CL

5 1 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 17 May 2020

Typos: please read as: Harindhar! I see a great literary future in Harindhar! Wish him good luck with happy poetry writing.

1 0 Reply
Vaibhav Simha 17 May 2020

A wonderful poet who finds poetic respite in rhyme, which in turn is furbelowed with meaning and celebration.

1 0 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 30 April 2020

Harindher Reddy is a promising poet with a unique pen! I have read only a few poems of this wonderful poet! I find illustrious beauty in his poetry! Wish him a sparkling literary journey!

1 0 Reply
Bernard F. Asuncion 28 April 2020

Harindhar Reddy is an excellent poet, writing poems filled with beauty and wonder. I’m glad to know his poetry....

1 0 Reply
Mahtab Bangalee 28 April 2020

H- Honey there is in his excellent poetic writings A- Adoration of wisdom and natural love in his list R- Radiant of the expressions he meditates in dictions I- In his heart he cultivates wondering literary actions N- Neat and clean words I find in his submitted poems D- Designs where fiction to non-fiction as true gems H- Happy aroma of true poetic acumen he spreads A- All reader can enjoy his brilliancy by reading him R- Righteous thought I think in his polite poetic lien

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Harindhar Reddy Quotes

'ONE can neither clap with single hand nor laugh with single set of teeth and be one among the flock of falcons in the flight.' 🌴🥀🌼🏵️🎍💠👍... Harindhar Reddy

'I'm all-in-1 with a tag 2-in-1: Sci-fi poet with highfy vocab & pedagog 2 inspire; Diametric dude: humourous & sensitive =John Byron's hero' Harindhar Reddy

HOT/SPOT on a HOT-SEAT: 'I'm neither good nor bad; a river out flows over its brim each time I unleash the floodgates of my heart.' Harindhar Reddy

👯'MAZURKAS! Be an APPREHENDER and WANTER to know; ' wherefore encircle CIRCA knowledge in the life's circus! ' Harindhar Reddy

'Cock-a-snook! HUMANITY died a DEATH in the hands of my kin & kITH and living in a MYTH. Withal, Trust I it takes reincarnation (REBIRTH) even if it changes its avthaar on one fine day, cock-a-hoop! ' Harindhar Reddy

'Tommyrot! It gives us GOOSEBUMPS with a GOOSE EGG! Humans are on the up & up letting humanity to go down in the dumbs by treating it with dime a dozen! Aliens hail thee human rats....' Harindhar Reddy

'Lo! Folks/figures/types/sorts/ peeps/plebs/proles/chaps! We're not only made of blood & bones but also by food of thoughts. That being so I'm what I'M & YOU'RE what YOU'RE! ' Harindhar Reddy

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Harindhar Reddy Popularity

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