Harindhar Reddy

Freshman - 847 Points (Sept/19/1983 / Haliya, Hyderabad, India)

Harindhar Reddy Poems

1. Public, Oh, Public! Jubilant Republic Day! (Part-1) 8/7/2011
2. Red-Red = Double - Red Rebel Is In Trouble! (Part-1) 8/7/2011
3. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Share A1 Friendship Story (Part-1) 8/7/2011
4. Mysterious Sultan Without Dukedom (Part-1) 8/8/2011
5. Love Shock: Bitten By The Bug Of Love! (Part-1) 8/8/2011
6. Congrats, Sachin For Your Bradmanesque Fete! 8/9/2011
7. Natural Landscape: Part-2 8/8/2011
8. Rock And Roll! Jack And Soul! Our Teacher's Magic Show In The Hall! 8/8/2011
9. 21 Century Popular Philosophy: Part-1: Hip, Hip, Hurray! Rat-Race In Surrey! 8/8/2011
10. Oh! Salute To Wisdom (A Short Poem) 8/9/2011
11. I Met An Unknown Traveller In The Woods! 8/11/2011
12. It Is Night Late, I Should Sleep... 8/12/2011
13. Where Is Human Touch? (Man Sees Nature's Wrath) 8/13/2011
14. Natural Landscape: Part-1 9/8/2011
15. Meloncholy In The Mystic Mood 9/10/2011
16. Love Fever - Mania, Mania, Love Mania! (Part-1) 8/8/2011
17. By Dipping And Diving, Doomsday Is Arriving! 8/9/2011
18. Oh! Humankind Relax And Slow Down A Bit 9/16/2011
19. Oh! Beautiful Love - Live! Live! Live! 9/29/2011
20. Life Is A Worthy Game, Play! Play! Play! 10/3/2011
21. Oh, Indian Dove, Carry My Love For Her! (I'M Too Shy) 10/15/2011
22. Hop! Hop! Hop! Love Pops Up In My Heart! : Part-1 10/15/2011
23. Ding-A-Ling! Dingdong Bell! Singalong, 'Loner Is A Mourner'! ' 10/16/2011
24. Some! Some! I Am Lonesome! Tick! Tick! My Life Is So Sick! 10/16/2011
25. Rock And Roll! Jack And Soul! Love Ships Sail In My Heart's Mail! 10/21/2011
26. Hark! Hark! Love Lark Sings In Dark With A Spark! 10/20/2011
27. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Read My New Love Story! 10/21/2011
28. Hustle And Bustle! Love Boats Jostle In My Heart’s Castle! 10/22/2011
29. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Around As Love Tingles In My Heart! 10/20/2011
30. Holy Cow! A Lovely Dove Flies In The Heart Of A Dandy Hermit! 10/22/2011
31. Oh! Lonely Larry, Single Harry With One Gary Stands Alone In The Wood 10/23/2011
32. Count - One-Two-Three - Kick The Lonely Ladder Free In A Single Stunt! 10/23/2011
33. Nature Is The Destiny Maker: Boo, Boo, Cried Bobby - A Barmy Head! 10/24/2011
34. Life Is A Battle Field; Fight And Fight 10/18/2011
35. Hush! Hush! A Lonely Rat With A Human Hat Chokes In Silence! 10/18/2011
36. Oh, Father! - Feel My Untold Love! (Part-2) 10/24/2011
37. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Share A1 Friendship Story (Part-2) 10/25/2011
38. Public, Oh, Public! Jubilant Republic Day! (Part-2) 10/26/2011
39. Jiggle-Gaggle! Wiggle-Waggle! A Single Bat Crocks Up In Jungle! 10/23/2011
40. Mysterious Sultan Without Dukedom (Part-2) 10/26/2011
Best Poem of Harindhar Reddy

All Fools Paradise (A Life Poem)

An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar
Ha! Ha! Scholar is climbing a ladder!

The Scholar became a poet bold,
The poet became a teacher for dollar!
The teacher flew a marathon, aftermath,
Having armed Ferric sword and shield of gold!
Ha! Ha! Poet is fighting for a ladder!

With the knowledge at his side!
Tomfoolery from the other side,
The poet fought a losing battle,
With loser as a title!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Poet is falling from a ladder! ...

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Oh! Natural Beauties!

Earth laughs in flowers, flowers laugh in showers,
Sea laughs in fishes, fishes laugh in waters ……
Sky laughs in clouds, clouds laugh in rain, oh sire!
But man laughs in BSNL Towers and what a satire!
Nature is a wonderland; it is heaven's abode with elixir,
Thus, I wonder at this nature’s splendor!

In the garden with heaven’s flowers
Oh nature’s gifts! You are funny little fellows!

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