Harindhar Reddy Poems

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All Fools Paradise (A Life Poem)

An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar

A Dolly Bird (A Love Poem)

Daffodils, clear rills with musk-rose fills!
Tweet-tweet, It's a feast in eyes of the green universe;
With Her photographic smile, her youth blooms!
With genuine style, her bosom blossoms,

5 Amazing Natural Wonders Of The World!

Amazing people across the globe since folk law and myth matters
Mystifying array of vibrant colors litters the sky with glitters,
Lent by sun, a gift of wonder is northern lights or Auruoa Borealis,
Multicolors dawn the sky at the Southern Lights or TAurora Australis

Harriet Is My Juliet! (A Love Poem)

When I am mood – frantic,
I just called up your smile-romantic!
Happiness filled my heart – melodramatic,
Harriet is my Juliet, I am her Romeo yet!

Drifting in the lonely redwoods, I met a monstrous leviathan
By switching his homes and names - hermit and egotist heinous
Loner, sequester and seclusionist are his names - atrocious!
Lonely dybbuk visits every home gifting a rocket to you and me,

Faraway From Maddening Crowd! (A Life Poem)

I am safe in the mystic riddles and natural pleasures,
The sky is lit with Aladdin’s lamps and universal treasures,
While stars are twinkling and junketing in a New York minute!
Whishing and whooshing! Whistling and whisking in the heaven set!

10 Amazing Natural Wonders Of The World!

Resting between Ontario and New York, Niagara Falls score
420 million years, breathtaking beauties of nature spark
Falls can get up to 202,000 cubic feet per second in a natural lore
Extended more than 62 miles, it, the most impressive landmark

Buzzing Around Begonia! Man Meets Doom Here!

Bombilating like fleas, bombinating like bees;
Philandering like donkeys, fiddling like monkeys!
Buzzing around begonia in pensive moods,
Huffing and puffing along ruminative roads...

Hire And Fire! Never Retire! Life Is A Big Satire!

I aimed at conquering the sky by forgetting fog and mist
To become an economist and a Kautilya but here is a twist.....
I planned to scale the Mount Everest by chanting 'omkara! '
Yet, A surprised debacle stored in the corner to catch my muse!

April, March! Soldiers Search For Hunger March - A1 Story

World has advanced in many days...
Yet in 21st Century poverty retains in umpteen ways;
Hunger glinted in his eyes...
He does begging and petty thievery, at the same time!

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