Harindhar Reddy

Freshman - 852 Points (Sept/19/1983 / Haliya, Hyderabad, India)

Harindhar Reddy Poems

1. Public, Oh, Public! Jubilant Republic Day! (Part-1) 8/7/2011
2. Red-Red = Double - Red Rebel Is In Trouble! (Part-1) 8/7/2011
3. Mysterious Sultan Without Dukedom (Part-1) 8/8/2011
4. Love Shock: Bitten By The Bug Of Love! (Part-1) 8/8/2011
5. Love Fever - Mania, Mania, Love Mania! (Part-1) 8/8/2011
6. Oh! Humankind Relax And Slow Down A Bit 9/16/2011
7. Life Is A Battle Field; Fight And Fight 10/18/2011
8. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Read My New Love Story! 10/21/2011
9. Hustle And Bustle! Love Boats Jostle In My Heart’s Castle! 10/22/2011
10. Oh! Lonely Larry, Single Harry With One Gary Stands Alone In The Wood 10/23/2011
11. Nature Is The Destiny Maker: Boo, Boo, Cried Bobby - A Barmy Head! 10/24/2011
12. Jiggle-Gaggle! Wiggle-Waggle! A Single Bat Crocks Up In Jungle! 10/23/2011
13. Larry And Harry! Gary And Mary! Share A1 Friendship Story (Part-2) 10/25/2011
14. Row-Row! Row Your Love Boat! Ha-Ha! Merrily, Merrily, Merrily! 1/18/2012
15. Darling Daisy Sings! (My First Haiku) 1/18/2012
16. Toot-Toot! You Never Know A Girl In Love Will Suit Or Shoot You! 1/21/2012
17. Love Fever Grips! (My First Limerick) 1/22/2012
18. Tick! Tick! A Romantic Love Story (Lemirck - 2) 1/25/2012
19. Oh! Blue-Eyes, A Surpise, Here My Love Dies! (Lemerick - 3) 1/25/2012
20. In Love, Butterflies Buzz Around! (Lemerick - 4) 1/26/2012
21. Counter Or Encounter! I'M Your Love Letter (Lemerick-7) 2/3/2012
22. Up In The Heaven 24/7 In Love, You And I (Haiku-3) 2/8/2012
23. Wine Or Dine! Stars Shine In Romantic Rain! (Haiku-4) 2/8/2012
24. Hark, Hark! Skylark In The Dark! (Haiku-5) 2/8/2012
25. My Love Brewed - For Others A Shock Rude! (Limerick 9) 2/5/2012
26. Ding-Dong! Natural Romance In The Spring (Limerick-13) 3/18/2012
27. Hardy-Har-Har! The West Wind - A Horror Story (Limerick-14) 3/19/2012
28. A Boy Hillbilly Forgot To Tell 'I Love You Lily' (Limerick-16) 3/20/2012
29. Ding-A-Ling, Dingdong-Bell, Singalong - Loner Is A Mourner! 7/26/2012
30. A Limerick To Drummer 'Ricks' 8/5/2012
31. Pop King Michel Jackson Came Alive - Dual-Rvierse-Etheree 8/19/2012
32. Boom Boom Human Rat Trapped In A Tiki Tiki Room 9/1/2012
33. 15 Amazing Natural Wonders Of The World! 9/8/2012
34. Two Tears Jazzed And Three Lonely Hearts Razzed! 9/21/2012
35. Love Are Jingling...... 9/21/2012
36. In The Hearts Of Rumba, A Ringtone Remo, Rumba-Remo 10/6/2012
37. Neighbor's Dog Says Bow-Wow But My Heart Says Love-Love! 10/7/2012
38. Harriet Is My Juliet, I Am Her Romeo Yet! 10/13/2012
39. The Name Of This Poem Is Missing :) :) 10/13/2012
40. Lovely Baby Boo-Boo! Kashmiri Dove Coo-Coo! 10/13/2012
Best Poem of Harindhar Reddy

All Fools Paradise (A Life Poem)

An infant grew into a kid with joy
The Kid developed into a school boy
The Boy matured as a Youth,
The Same youth turned into a scholar
Ha! Ha! Scholar is climbing a ladder!

The Scholar became a poet bold,
The poet became a teacher for dollar!
The teacher flew a marathon, aftermath,
Having armed Ferric sword and shield of gold!
Ha! Ha! Poet is fighting for a ladder!

With the knowledge at his side!
Tomfoolery from the other side,
The poet fought a losing battle,
With loser as a title!
Ha! Ha! Ha! Poet is falling from a ladder! ...

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1 Item Agenda

Poly-colors filled sweet, cute gums; black fruits on hack-berries,
Jack oaks dressed in dark barks with broad three-lobed leaves,
Nectarous nuts nested in beech’s burs, pure poisonous hemlocks –
Maple mass, birch, bass, teak timbers– nature in pristine talks
In blue lobelia wild lawns, hummingbirds and bees dance
Betwixt the silver creeks and green grace lives wild race!
Buy hooks, throw baits and catch fishes in election mania.

Bear, bore, giraffe, wolf, fox, hippo and rhino ar

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