Worlds Full Of A**h**ls Poem by Kevin Patrick

Worlds Full Of A**h**ls

It’s a rat race competing in a dog eat world
And Ayn Rand wrote it in the books forward
There isn’t a single day when you’re Backs against a wall
And there’s someone pushing on you waiting for your fall

They eat you at the bottom and claw you at the top
Measure everyone to standards high enough to flop
Convicting biased judgments with bigots words that punch
Eliminating equality by saying “there isn’t a free lunch”

If you make a small mistake they'll magnify the size
Torpedo you with shame, and lead the charge to crucify
With unrelenting witch hunt to feed the status quo
Conditioned to obey, the cruelest general of the pack

Politicians feed the facts to religious hypocrites
Bankrolling on the destitute of monopolizing Capitalists
We can’t speak our minds if it goes against the grain
Because they’ll label you a deviant and claim you are insane

You'll find them in the seats of the spineless beauracts
Mitigating pointless legers to memorize in paragraphs
There the once with shiny toys, and million dollar suits
Who think they can possess you with a dollar sign as fish hook
There the braggarts and no hearts who expect to take first place
because their little champions and possess a stealthily name
They'll mock you and abuse you and say 'just tough it up'
But if they were in your shoes they’d just demand a bigger cut
It takes a dose of madness to survive these crazy people
It can be a lovely garden if the world would loss its Assholes

Yes the world is full of assholes
Just ask old Donny Brasco
Smooth talking wise guy padres
Rat packing with their hombres

There the customers that whine
Standing in the line
Demanding that you treat them
As honorary regents

Efficiency would increase if we mastered generosity
Trade our heroes of greed and leave statues is property
Foster communication and open hearts of good will
Instead of hiding our thoughts and insecurities with pills

Being liberals not a crime but ignorance can kill
The choices we define should never make us feared
Moral Absolutisms fine if your good old Samuel Parish
Ready to hang the doomed without due process we cherish

You can’t measure a heart by the size of an income
Or the produce of character in the output of labor
But you can guess smile when a person says welcome
And asks by not demanding what you’re capable to contribute

It’s tough to play a soldier when you’re not born as a monster
A gun fanatic despot with a cowboys thirst for power
You need to constantly update your selfishness armor
To suspend your civil decency and let arrogance be called honor

The value of a human being is more than what they sell
It’s the ability to learn and increasingly understand
We’re not factory products made to serve every hour
Were all human beings possessing the same basic charters

Money doesn’t make a man anymore wiser
Instead it feeds pigs with delusions of grandeur
Over confidence might assist you with given you rewards
But it won’t cut the mustard when you meet the repears sword
Education has no value it if doesn’t make you learn
That arrogance of certainty is not value to the spurned
You can master the art of culture and still be left a bum
If your table manners languish in your treatment of one
True friends stay together when the goings getting tough
They don’t abandon you when the bad times are laid rough
In race, creed and gender there is only one human race
And if you can never see that you’re an asshole of this place

This world is full of assholes
You can find them kissing cameras
There the calm collective bosses
With Sauvé shin dig penthouses

The world is full of assholes
Condemning you at face value
They’ll apply doable standards
Then say your PC trouble

The world is full of assholes
But it’s an equal ratio
And for every flowers prick
There’s bountiful heart of bliss

Don't mind the title if you find it offensive its just part of my humor
Khairul Ahsan 20 November 2013

'If you make a small mistake they'll magnify the size Torpedo you with shame, and lead the charge to crucify' I guess this is true, across the cultures and the continents. I wish the poem were shorter, tidier.

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