Justin Tallman

Rookie (September 4th,1989 / Milwaukee, WI)

Write It Out - Poem by Justin Tallman

Write it all out
write out the trembling hand
dry ulcerated stomach
all the food
due to the sickness
of dwelling in the those mysterious
of blacken thoughts
hoping that some magic trick
will come with the simple ease
of the flick of the wand
and working those muscles
in your lips into the form
of some bullshit smile

Write it all out
dot every lowercase eye
and slash every lowercase tee
dot and slash everything
perform every letter
of those sleepless nights
where the brink of dreamland
feels like a razor to the wrist
which pumps that lovely blood
which rushes with every lovely thought
of her beautiful face
when she smiles
at the perfectly executed romance
love story lines
spoken out with perfectly
dotted and slashed
eyes and tees

Write it all out
spell every word until the ink
in the pen runs dry
dry like the mind
when those moist thoughts drip out
with the delusional teachings
of a cheating mother
and a heartbroken father
once perfectly locked
until the lipstick couldn't
match the lips
and the kisses no longer
made any sense at all
and holding hands
are interrupted by cracking
arthritic knuckles
skin dry
like the ink
that tried to spell out the word
in an overwhelming love letter
which you knew
would drive that gorgeous woman
you love


After all of it
is written
in the form of a suicide letter
of an attention seeking whore
proceed with the noose
tighten it
let that heartbroken life
flash before those starry
tear dripping eyes
and kick the chair away


you could remember
how attractive you were
when you laughed in the face
of hell

laughed at the bullshit
of burning

laugh at the piercing spear
laugh at the suicide
which lived under a curse

laugh at the drunken nights
sleepless and wasted
under a bridge
beneath the dead end sky

Laugh at it all
because truth be told
it's only a joke
to be lived out in bright colors
of blooming flowers
while the sun smiles
and the moon giggles
at the silly jokes
you perform
sitcom fashion
to pass time
while you write out

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