Writer Poem by Ragy Sandid


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Night Writer
Why not write now
No time can be righter
No one to tell you how

To live your life
Or design for you your lies
Does it suffice to have a wife
To tell you when it satisfies?

You've written before
Little at night, more by day
At night write more
You'll discover a way

To make stars into a sun
That will shine for you as gold
But gold is as good as gone
When you get to be this old

Poem writer
Up and write about modesty
It's what everyone talks about
That's you and your honesty
Who cares if the others doubt?

You came in time
But does time know who you are?
You have a claim on rhyme
But rhythm takes the measure by far

Into a new realm
Of words on words on words
They just overwhelm
Can't you hear what they've heard?

Maybe hearing loss
Is not the loss of hearing
Maybe it's that distant toss
When you hear the echo before the feeling

Now you're here and now
Now is the time's to write
Now's the time to fulfill every vow
Now's not the time to lose sight
Of what you might lose
If you don't write every night.

Dead Leaf 04 March 2012

Nice poem..cool poem..

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Ace Of Black Hearts 03 March 2012

Indeed the time is always now. There is a phantom that is always haunting me. An expectation to give in and bow. And absolute surrender and no less. Cause partialities are just not accepted. Especially when it comes to the heart. Even it you very first. These feelings both portray and betray. When looking to its eyes, tell me what it is that looking back? I know somewhere written upon a page. A dig for gold. A mighty fine treasure. A message from beyond grave. A expression we all crave. Of my life I can most certainly say it saves. Good Poem, I think more people should right.

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