Written On A Friday - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

i must admire you for keeping traditions, each page of the religious book, each text down to the last letter, all obeyed, since it makes you feel guilty if you do not prostrate yourself, kneel, genuflect, do the usual incantations, as a form of communicating with our ancestors and our God, the Creator, Provider, Omniscient, All Powerful, Lord and King,
etcetera, etcetera....

It has been fifty-one years of my life, and i have traveled and tried to understand religion, and there are so many, ours have become just one of those thousand official beliefs sanctioned by those who lead and (milk) us....though it boils or amounts to only one thing, that we are inferiors, servants, (or even slaves at their caprice and mercy) , that we have no right to be arrogant, or selfish, that we are not private beings, but a part, always a part of this whole, this universe, this harmony that shall be achieved...this heaven and hell, this rottenness and wellness, Evil and Good,

I am given days, with names, such as Maundy Thursday, Black Friday, a Holy Saturday, and a Glorious Sunday, but with all honesty, these are all the same days to me, call me an idiot, faithless, infidel, nonpracticing roman catholic, but i am at peace with myself, and all these days, i romance myself with the silence and holiness of a searcher, the restless one, dissatisfied, outrageous, groping for words, paving new paths, cleaning roads, questioning rules, asking for more and more and more, etcetera etcetera...

to fill my thirst, and hunger, beyond the altars of candle filled lighted corners...

O, God, I just want to be myself, beside You, away from the crowd, who years ago, have crucified and cursed you to a
dishonorable death.

i do not claim complete understanding. I just want to be left alone.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 5, 2012

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