'Wrong' By Pat Bennett© 2012

Is it so wrong for me to night dream about your full soft lips on mine? Is it wrong for me to want the feel of your body next to mine? Tell me lover, when you are away from me do you long for my touch as well? I long for your swell and thoughts of your smell linger in my mind.My body craves for your manly ways

You have me captured I am completely under your spell.....Am I wrong to want you behind me pulling my hair but it doesn't hurt! It only feels good when you push the issue as hard as you can? I am listening to you, you have my undivided attention as you spew words of passion out of your mouth. Kiss me deep make my rights wrong....

Make me forget who I am and what it is I am suppose to be
doing....Make me lose my focus on the subject at hand. Turn up the heat lets go another round.... Make me explode in ecstasy.....Release all of your desires inside of me.....Your body covers me like a blanket and the fit is perfect like a glove...
Yes this is so right and your love is so strong
I want to stay forever in your arms
Is that so WRONG? PB~© 2012

Wahab Abdul 10 November 2013

wonderful poetry mrs bannet..like it

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