Saucy Elmo

Rookie (January 21,1997 / Orlando, FL.)

Yeah Hi, Remember Me? I Used To Mean Something To You - Poem by Saucy Elmo

Our time was kind of like a story,
It had a sweet beginning and a bitter ending.
But in a way it was more of a tragedy.
You were too stubborn to help with mending.

At first I was starstruck and ready to fly,
You lit up my whole world with your smile.
Even though I was scared, I said
'I need to get this straight..
Cause I'm over here convinced it's too early for mistakes.'

Fast forward to 6 months later,
It's raining and I'm contemplating life.
Sitting here under the drops,
As I'm thinking of why.

Were we supposed to end so badly?
Or do we have another dance?
I'm not going to try again,
If you're not going to take a chance.

Our days were always perfect,
Started with hello and ended with a kiss.
Here I am wondering,
Why did we end up like this?

They say everyone makes mistakes,
And you were one of mine.
I say let's strong, but let's face it.
We've run out of time.
I don't care if you're sorry.
Or if you still care.
Where were you when I cried,
Lost in my own despair?

Remember me? I used to mean something to you.
And before you go, there's something you should know:
I'm not waiting for you.
Not gonna do it.
I refuse.
Not happening.

...oh who am I kidding...

They say everyone makes mistakes,
Am I one of yours?
Are we destined to be apart,
Or will we fix what's been torn?
I'll forgive if you're sorry.
Listen if you still care.
Because after everything,
I'll still always be there.

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