Aiyabells 002

Yeah2 - Poem by Aiyabells 002

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Chapter 7
“Guys, please, we can still fix this.. I really don’t want any trouble… especially
not on my expense.. I’m really fine and please don’t worry about the things he
said… It’s really not bothering me because it’s not true… Hey come on….. “ I
said pleadingly….
My friends and I are in our cabin the day after that cafeteria incident…. Alex and
Sky is fuming mad with Dyllan and the rest of the basketball guys who sided
with him.
And now they’re here planning to how to massacre those guys! Now it looks
like Alex, Sky and Josh who are deeply engrossed with their so called
“meeting”. Si Alex pala ang master mind nila…. Sya pala ang think tank ng
mga kalokohan … who would have ever guess…. And Josh is the one who
think of the details while Sky is responsible for executing the plan… hmmmm
…. Well organized… I thought sarcastically… I just hope that they won’t do
anything stupid or something that can hurt anybody…
“Hey Zia… C’mon help me out here…. “
“As much as I wanted to, I really do… ilang beses ko na ring sinubukan nung
nakaraan, that is… to talk them out of their crazy schemes…. Sorry to say…
they won’t have the ears to listen to reason once they’ve set their minds into it…
that’s their idea of fun…. “ she said rolling her eyes… “Well, I guess… all we
have to do is to just make sure that it won’t get physical… like putting someone in the hospital or in a tomb… “ Zia said. Nanlaki mga mata ko at napailing…
“ and besides… “ She continued ” I hate what I heard earlier… I really don’t
‘know what has gotten into Dyllan… yeah, he’s some sort of a badass or
something but not on that level that he displayed yesterday… which got me into
thinking….. maybe something’s bothering him……….I’ve known him for quite a
while now, since he’s my brothers bestfriend and cabin mate and he always
hang around our house during breaks… so I really don’t know what’s eating
him…… “ and she drifted off with her own thoughts….
Yeah I know… hindi naman talagang ganon si Dyllan…. May pagka bad boy
but not to that extent! But no matter…. Hindi pwedeng matuloy itong sinasabi
nilang “WAR! ” hello! ! ! !
“Guys! ! ! Guys! ! ! ! “ I tried to get their attention but still they’re soooo engrossed
with their so-called planning…. And Zia has just drifted off to limbo….
A ganon! Ayaw nyo akong pansinin! Pumunta ako sa kitchen at kumuha ako ng
2 pan… pagbalik ko sa living roon I clanged both of the pans together like
cymbals…. Bigla silang napatingin sa kin … Wondering what the heck was that
stupid sound!
Now I got their attention….
“hey…. PLEASE… PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE…. “ hmmmm parang kanta
lang yun e…. well anyway “Can you please call this off…. It’s not worth being
expelled… and I don’t want any of you to get hurt…. And I will say this to the
hundredth time…. I’m fine with all of it! ! ! no harm done…. So can you just
please….. CALL. IT. OFF! ! ! “
They looked at me like I was crazy….
Alex smiled…. And sighed…
“Hey girl…. We’re really sorry if we’ve gotten you some sort of culture shock
here, if you can call it that way… but we’re not only doing this for you… “ she
shrugged… tumayo sya at lumapit sa kin… and she put her hands on my
shoulders “ as you can see.. nobody goes away with that kind of harsh words…
All of us should take responsibility of what comes out of our mouths, especially
the influential ones like Dyllan… and base from the recent event… you can be
ruined for the rest of your stay here… you are in Falcon University… you don’t
know the kids here… they idolized those guys… if they treat you like trash..
everybody will treat you like trash and you don’t want that… they can be really
harsh… Iyon ang iniiwasan namin. You’re too kind to be treated like that. “ Then
she smiled… “ And besides… somebody has got to teach those guys a
lesson… masyado ng lumolobo ang mga ego nung mga yon…. And this could
be the perfect opportunity… “ she smiled wickedly…. As if there’s something
going on in her mind…

I sighed defeatedly… ok… if I can’t talk to them out of it,, then maybe Zia is
right…. As the saying goes…. ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’…. and pray
that nobody gets hurt…
“But what about Charles? he’s one of them.. idadamay nyo rin ba? he seems
friendly enough…. He does not treat me like crap… and he’s your brother“ I
said referring to Zia… I turned back my attention to Alex “And you seem to be
perfectly close to him as well…. “
Nag-isip si Alex….
“Tignan na lang natin…. “

“Ok… so ano na! ” sabi ni Sky… “
“Let’s just say… they expect us to do the unexpected and outrageous things….
Soooo….. we are downgrading it…. Cliché… I know…. we are going to strike
them doing the most common pranks of all…. “
Then she grinned…. mischievously….

Oh boy! What have I gotten myself into….

After a while of listening to Alex’s plan… It was almost time for dinner and
together we were on our way to the cafeteria when we’ve spotted Charles
talking to somebody, it seems that they’re on their way to our cabin. When we
got closer… I can see that the guy is really good looking considering that he is
already in his 40’s? I really don’t know, maybe he looks younger than his age…
he is is a business suit that exudes power and authority in his stance, but just
looking at him, it is quite obvious that he is a very important man… he has a
great resemblance to Charles… Halos magakasing tangkal sila o medyo mas
matangkad na ng konti si Charles.
“DAD! ! ! ! ! ” Shouted Zia excitedly…
Napatingin silang dalawa at kitang kita ang tuwa sa mukha nung lalake….
Napatakbo si Zia papaunta sa kanya… and the man opened his arms as Zia
came crushing to him….
“Hey Princess… I miss you too! “ His eyes softened and it’s quite obvious that
he is very fond of his daughter.. mukhang daddy’s girl si Zia a.
Oh gosh…. Ang sweet…. Na-miss Kong bigla tuloy ang daddy ko… it’s been
quite a while since I saw my dad… bihira na kaming nagkikita since sa States
na sya naka-base ever since my parent’s divorce…. I know he loves me and he
calls every now and then to check out on me… but….. I can’t really get myself to
visit him because I can’t stand his girlfriend who is really such a slut! Forgive
me about the language but I can’t find a tamer adjective. Sobrang pakitang tao,
nakakainis… kapag kaharap namin si daddy, kunwari ang bait at ang sweet
sweet nya sa kin pero kapag nakatalikod na puro pagbabanta ang ginagawa…
haaayyyy…. Anyway… I don’t want to talk about her right now,,, nasisira ang
araw ko.
“bakit hindi nyo sinabi na dadalaw pala kayo! ” Sabi ni Zia sa daddy nya…
“I just want to surprise you… “
“How’s mom? Bakit hindi nyo sinama“
“Still in Paris, nag-extend sila, nadagdagan daw kasi mga projects nila…”
tumingin sya kay Alex… “ Kasama pa rin ang mommy mo as usual…
nagseselos na nga ako e. “ He said teasingly…
“Hello ninong! Looking good as usual? ! ” sabi ni Alex na nagbless at nag-kiss
sa cheek nya…
“Hello din ninong! ! ! ! ” Sabi ni Sky playfully… nagmano din at nag-kiss sa cheek
Siniko ni alex si Sky….. “Nakikininong ka na naman! ! ! ! ”
“Hello rin po ninong… “ Sabi ni Josh… nagbless din sya… this time medyo
playful ang mood ni Josh,, hindi mukhang deadma… mukhang at ease sya sa
daddy ni Zia
Hmmmm… from the looks of it.. mukhang close na silang lahat.
“Isa ka pa! ! ! ” Saway ni Alex at natawa lang ang daddy ni Zia…
“E ano ngayon…. Kung si ninong Zack tanggap kaming inaanak kahit wala sa
papel, ikaw pa kaya! Hmmmp! Ang damot mo talaga! ” sabi ni Sky.
Nagtawanan na lahat…
“May bagong adoptive anak or inaanak ba ako? ” Sabi ng daddy ni Zia na
nakatingin sa kin….
Nyikkksss nahiya naman akong bigla… hehehehehehe….

“Dad… I want you to meet Chloe… our new friend / sister / kinakapatid…
bagong cabin mate ni Alex… “ sabi ni Zia
“Hello sir…. “ I said extending my hand… we shook hands
“Just call me Tito Zack,,, or if you want, you can also call me ninong like the rest
of them..” he said smiling at me.
Ang bait naman ng daddy ni Zia.. intimidating lang sya sa umpisa pero super
bait at accommodating!
“Ok po… I’ll figure it out eventually… but it’s really nice meeting you po… “ hiya
naman ako kung tawagin ko sya kagad na ninong… hhehehehehehe…. I’ll just
start off with Tito Zack.
“Ok all of you.. hop in the van… we’re gonna eat out.. pinagpaalam ko na
kayong lahat sa headmaster… “
Natuwa ang lahat…
“Yehey… lalaya kami sa preso! ! ! ! Wohooo! ! ! ! ” sabi ni Alex…
Hindi ko napansin na may van pala na nakapark sa side walk…
Papasok na kami sa van ng may mapansin si Tito Zack.
“Mukhang kulang kayo… where’s your friend, Dyllan? ”
Nagtinginan kaming lahat…
“Pinakain na namin sa piranha! ” sabi ni sky…
Natawa at napailing naman si Tito Zack. Nakapasok na kaming lahat sa van
and we’re on our way to town
“Hmmm… I can sense that something fishy is going on? ” Sabi ni Tito Zack.
Tahimik ang lahat…
“Wala po… “
Silence… mukhang hindi naniniwala si Tito Zack na walang problema…
“You have to understand that he’s been going thru a lot of stress lately… I’ve
talked to his older brother last week… we had a meeting about the details of
their proposal …“
“So how was it? ” Tanong ni Charles in his all business manner na feeling ko
parang colleague lang sya ni Tito Zack…
“I can say that I’m very impressed…. Dyllan is one talented architect and to
think that he’s not yet out of school… by the way… sabihin mo nga pala na sa
kanya na sya na ipagagawa yung tower na ipapatayo natin sa Paris. Pati yung
renovation ng Fuentes Mansion don… magsubmit sya ng proposal… “
“Ok. But is it possible dad? Wala pa syang license and all those things…”
“That’s ok.. those are just formalities… he can use his brothers signature.. I
don’t mind… you’ve seen the plans right? “
“Yeah, it’s really cool and out of the box. I’ll inform him later when I see him.”
Just listening to them makes me proud of my friend… or former friend? ? ? Well,,
whatever… I can’t help but beam on the praises of Tito Zack… I mean,,, he’s a
very important man and yet he’s impress of Dyllan’s work… that really must say
something… he must be really good! I’m sooo proud of him that he’s really
making something of himself.
I smiled… but Alex and Sky scowled….
Mukhang nabasa ni Tito Zack yung mukha nung dalawa… Psychologist ba
sya? ? ? Hmmmm ….
“Just stay out of trouble.. ok.. you two most especially… Don’t give your dad
another headache” he said pertaining to Alex & Sky… almost scolding
“yes po… good girls naman po kami Ninong… “
He sighed…
“Ok… I hope na this time, panindigan nyo na yan a… “ he said with authority…
pero binawi nya at ngumiti na lang din…
Nung kinausap ni Tito Zack si Charles about business matters … kinalabit ko
si Alex…
“Narinig mo yun a… “ bulong ko sa kanya….
“I know… we always stay out of trouble naman diba” she said smirked at me…
“…. Unless ….. it finds us… “
I rolled my eyes….
Alex is really Stubborn!
Dinner has been very relaxing. Napaka-cool dad ni Tito Zack! Hindi ka
maiilang sa kanya… he made it a point that I won’t feel out of place. Kaya
siguro at home na at home ang mga friends nila Charles and Zia sa kanya… I
wonder about their mom? ? ? Mabait din kaya like him? He jokes around with us
but still he maintains his respectable character…
When we are about to leave, he invited all of us to have a vacation at one of
their resorts during sem break which is fast approaching… and I’m looking forward to it! I just hope my mom will permit me… basta kuulitin ko sya
hanggang payagan nya ako! I really want to go… kasi mukhang excited silang
lahat and base sa mga kwento nila from their previous adventures,,, mukhang
you’ll miss half of your life kung hindi ka makasama!
Hinatid na kami sa campus and Charles and Zia bade their goodbyes to Tito
“Take care of your sister… “ Sabi ni Tito Zack kay Charles…. Zia shed a tear
or two.. I guess she really is close to her dad…
“Nice meeting you Chloe… I hope you can spend time with us during vacation
time.. you’ll also get to meet Alex’s family…”
“Thank you po for inviting me… Kukulitin ko po si mommy… “ I said smilling…
looks like I found my 2nd family… He’s really an ideal father image…
“You can also invite her if she wants… “
“I’ll try to ask her but I doubt it… she’s really busy… “
He just smiled…
“OK kids… I’m off… “ He looks at Alex… “ Be good…. “
“Yes ninong… “ she said faking an innocent look….
Hay si Alex…. Maloloka ako!
Nang makaalis na yung van ni Tito Zack… we walked to our separate cabins,
pero bago pa kami magkahiwa-hiwalay… hinarap ni Alex si Charles….
“Hey Charles…. Ummmmm“ sabi ni Alex….
“What’s up? ”
“Wala lang… basta…. “
He eyed her quizzically….
“OK sige.. see you… “
“Ummmm wait… “ Sabi ni Alex…. “ Basta Sorry a… “
“Whatever for? “ Nagtatakang Tanong ni Charles….
“Basta! Bye! ! ! ! ” Bigla na lang hinatak ni Alex yung kamay ko at nagtatakbo na
kami papuntang cabin naming.

Surprisingly… everything seems to be normal for the past couple of days…
except during meals at the cafeteria… tumataas ang tension kapag nasa loob
ang 2 grupo… and the students, those who are not involve seems to be taking
sides… I overheard somebody says…. “it’s the Barbie dolls vs the varsity
team… “ Barbie dolls? ? ? Hahahahahaha! ! ! ! E pano si Josh? ? ? Barbie doll
din? ? Hahahahah! ! ! ! Well, as gorgeous as him… he can pass as Ken… and I
observe na marami ding nag-kaka-crush sa kanya… he’s just tooooo suplado
to mind…
We still eat at our regular table… the varsity team on theirs… parang wala
lang… pero you can feel that both parties are sizing each other up… both
parties are always on the guard… wala na ring nagpupuntang member ng
varsity team sa table namin to have a chat like before, except Charles of
course, who’s trying to convince us to back off… well,, as usual matigas ang
grupo… sabi ni Alex, bakit kami ang kino-convince nya mag-back-off when
Dyllan was the one who started it… and he was the one who is soooo mean
and out of line…
Friday afternoon when I got back from the cabin…. It was almost dark and I’m
sooo beat… gusto ko na lang gumapang papuntang kwarto dahil sobrang
naging toxic ng maghapon ng biglang bumulaga si Alex sa harap ko… Nabigla
ako at muntik na tumilapon ang puso ko sa pagkagulat… bigla bigla ba naman
sumulpot ng hindi ko naririnig… may pagka ninja nga talaga siguro yon! She’s
wearing all black….
She looks at me …..
“It’s time…. “ She said wearing that evil smile….
Oh boy! Here we go! ! !
We are now sneaking at the back of the basketball gym… and it looks like
practice is still on going…kelan ba matatapos itong practice na to!
Lahat kami naka itim … para naman kaming mukhag magnanakaw nito! We
are all creeping low and waiting… waiting for what! ? ? Grabe naman may 1
oras na ata kami dito… hay… isipin mo na lang na 'patience is a virtue'….
Nilalamok na kami.. grabe ang lalaki pa man din ng mga lamok dito! At parang
may mga pangil! Ang sakit mangagat!
Bumulong ako kay Zia na katabi ko lang…. “ Zia, are you sure you’re going thru
this… remember what your dad said…. “
She just shrugged…. “ It’s better for us to be here, to look over those three.
Hindi naman kasi papapigil yang 3 yan kahit sabihin nating hindi tayo sasama
sa kanila… gagawin at gagawin pa rin nila to... mas mabuti ng nandito tayo, so
that they won’t get carried away and get into trouble.”
Kung sabagay… tama si Zia…
I sighed…. Kinakabahan ako… I’ve never done pranks before… you can say
that all my life I’ve been a good girl… masyado nga akong masunurin… I never
played rough … so you can say that this is actually an adventure for me…
kinakabahan pero excited…. Ang weird pala ng feeling ng ganito! ! ! ! You’re
scared and yet excited… may adrenaline rush whatsoever… kaya siguro
naaadik tong mga to na gumawa ng pranks….

“Ok guys,,, huddle up… “ whispered ni Alex…. Lumapit kaming lahat sa
“Practice time is almost over…. So get ready… “
May inabot si Josh na 2 gadgets sa bawat isa sa min… 1 rectangle,1 circle…
“The rectangle will serve as your invisibility gadget….” Sabi ni Josh….” Nanood
naman kayong lahat ng mission impossible diba? “ Pinindot nya yung isang
button at nagproject ng parang rectangular shape na 4 feet wide at 6 feet
high…. “ Remember to stay behind within this rectangle…. Look at the other
side so you can see what I mean…. Nagstay si josh sa kabilang side at
nagpunta kami sa kabila…. Lo and behold! Parang naging invisible si Josh…
nag mirror sa gadget yung paligid na para nga yung ginamit sa mission
impossible pero mas hi tech ito! ! ! ! COOOOLLLL! ! ! ! !
“So remember, do not go beyond the rectangle or else…. “ sabi ni josh at
inilabas nya sa range yung kamay nya…. At iyong.. parang may lumulutang
lutang sa kamay…. Humagikgik ako…. Nakakatawa kapag may nakakita
parang may mumu! Hahahahaha! ! ! ! “Hindi pa ito ang panahon para takutin
sila…. Dadating din yon… “ Sabi ni Josh….
“To turn it off, just push the button again…. Mawawala na yung projection… “
“This is wayyy… to cool! ” I said smiling… Grabe talaga ang utak nito!
“Ginaya lang nya yan sa movie…. Walang originality! “ Sabi ni Sky
“Whatever…” Sabi ni Josh. “ Ok the other one… “ He said pertaining to the
round gadget… “ This is where you’ll put all the goodies…” He pushed the
button at biglang naginflate na parang container… 'it’s very lightweight na kahit
lagyan nyo ng laman sa loob.. hindi magbabago yung bigat nya… Sky.. pasok
sa loob“
“Why me? ”
“gusto ko ikaw e… pasok na… “
Tinignan ng masa ni Sky si Josh pero sumunod din… hehehehe….
Napapasunod din naman pala ni Josh tong si Sky...hehehehe
Binuhat ni josh yung container ng 1 kamay, it looks so lightweight even with sky
inside! Wow! That’s cool! Parang may super strength tuloy si Josh..
“push the other button to close the container and you can just drag it anywhere
and the contents will not spill“ he said smiling…. At hinagis pataas yung
Nagpigil kami ng tawa… knowing that Sky will be pissed…
pagbaba ng container, binuksan ni Josh ito at bumabana si Sky. Pg touchdown
ni Sky sa ground pinalo nya sa ulo si Josh….
“Way to go Joshi! ! ! ! Nice gadgets! ! ! ” sabi ni sky sarcastically…
“whatever… “ he said nonchalantly. Pinindot na ulit ni josh yung button at
nagdeflate na yung container…
“Ok guys… just remember… stay as quiet as a mouse… eto kasing si Josh
hindi pa nag-imbento ng silencer “ sabi ni Alex
“Hindi ko pa mafigure out yun… saka na yun. maybe next time” Sabi ni Josh
“Anyway… kapag nasa shower na sila… we have to make our move as fast as
possible… shove everything from the locker para mas mabilis… remember
walang matitira… not a piece of cloth… kahit sa paligid… I’ll sneak in the
shower to get their towels…“
“Are you sure! ! ! ! Baka may Makita ka na hindi mo dapat Makita! ! ! ”
Nag-isip si Alex… “ Oh yeah, my virgin eyes...' she said chuckling …. O sige
na nga si Josh na lang… Mag-ingat ka a! may pagka clumsy ka pa naman! ”
Tinignan lang sya si Josh…
May inilabas si alex sa bag nya… binuksan nya ang isang tablet… it’s like a
cctv monitor… “Ok practice is almost over… we’re on in 3 to 5 minutes… “
“You have this placed bugged? “ I asked in disbelief….
“Yeah… josh and I sneaked here last night… no big deal… “ she said
“I already did… “ Sabi ni Alex… A OK! Kaya pala nagsorry sya non kay
Charles! ! ! ! Naku! Talaga tong si Alex, Pasaway! ! ! Nag-sorry nga.. pero parang
wala lang!
Nag-intay pa kami ng ilang minuto….
“Ok guys.. this is it… move fast! ! ! ”
Kumabog na ang dibdib ko! ! ! ! Grabe! ! ! Kinakabahan talaga ako! ! ! ! !
Umakyat kami sa bintana.. mabilis kaming nakapasok lahat dahil malaki kaya
kahit sabay sabay kami ay kasya kaming lahat…
Pagbaba na pagbaba naming sa bintana ay ginamit na naming yung
rectangular gadget… to protect us and make us invisible… pero kahit na,
kinakabahan pa rin ako….
Kanya- kanya kami ng assignment na sisimutin na locker… tag-iisa kaming
rows ng locker… mga walang lock pala ang mga ito kaya mas mabilis naming
nasimot ang laman nito…
Medyo tricky ang part na gagawin ni Josh dahil papasok sya mismo sa loob ng
shower room… he has to be very sneaky ang very silent… tapos na kaming
lahat at naihagis na naming sa bintana yung mga container… wala pa si
“I’ll go after him… “ whispered Alex…
“Noooo! ! ! ! ” sabi ni Zia…
“You want to get caught? Alam mo naman yon… may pagka clumsy! at baka
mabugbog pa yon kapag nahuli sya! ” without warning… tumakbo na si Alex
papuntang shower room….
Lumabas na kami ng bintana and we are all holding our breaths…
“Come on… come on… come on… “ Sabi ko….
Hawak hawak ko yung tablet ng monitors,,, just in time I saw one of the varsities
went out of the shower room…
“Duck! Someone’s out… “ sabi ko
Napayuko kaming lahat… “Where the heck are they! ! ! ! ” I said silently….
Tinignan ko ulit yung monitor… isa isa ng lumalabas ang mga players… and they are now rattled! ! ! Knowing that someone took their things at wala man lang
kahit 1 towel silang Makita…
“We have to get out of here! They’re in panic mode already! asan na ba sila! ! ! ! ”
Sabi ni sky na sya rin nagpapanic…
“Pssstttt! ! ! ! Hey! ! ! ! Hold the gadget so we can climb out! ! ! ” sabi ni alex na nasa
kabilang side na pala ng bintana… we used all of out gadgets to block them
from view… inihagis nila papalabas yung container na dala ni Josh at mabilis
na lumabas ng bintana….
“Grabe! That was close….Now come on! ! ! ! ”
Nagtatakbo na kaming papalayo sa gym…
Ng medyo nakalayo na kami… kinuha ni Alex yung tablet at may pinindot sya…
She smiled evilly again…
“Just a remembrance… at para may pang blackmail na rin ako..
hahahahahahaha! ! ! ! ” may recorder pala yung mga cam na ininstall nila….
“we are not finished yet….” Sabi ni alex… with a glint of mischief…

I didn’t expect that they will strike last night! I was a fool for letting my guard
down… akala ko kasi nag-pull off na sila… sabi kasi ni Charles na kinausap na
sila ng Dad nya.. I should have known better! !
What more.. I never expected that they will use the most simple prank of all…
napailing na naman ako… I never really expected that… handa ako sa mga out
of this world pranks nila...but that? ? ? Naisahan talaga nila kami…
Para tuloy nagkaroon ng oblation run kagabi… and I feel soooo embarrassed
running around campus, only wearing a piece of carton just to cover up our vital
parts! ! ! ! What more… mukhang pinamalita sa lahat kaya punong puno ng tao
yung mga dinaanan namin! I have never been soooo humiliated in my entire
life… I swear they won’t get away with this!
Charles and I are on our way to the football field at halos lahat ng
makasalunong naming babae or binabae… para kaming kakainin ng buhay… I
bet they all saw what happened last night…
Bago pumasok ng football field may isang area doon na para bang
“What the? ? ? ” Sabi ko..
“Let’s find out… “ Sabi ni Charles…
Ng makalapit na kami… I can see kung bakit sila nagkakagulo….
Nakasabit lahat ng mga gamit namin… at isa-isa itong ino-auction! ! ! ! ! The crowd was sooo eager to get a piece of our stuff that some of them held us
back para hindi kami makalapit! ! !
“THOSE STUPID GIRLS! ! ! ! ” I said furiously! ! ! !
Tahimik lang si Charles but I can see that he is one hell of a pissed person that
you do not want to cross him right now….

I really don’t believe her… ang hirap maka-catch up sa babaeng ito!
“They’re in the locker room… ok guys get ready… “
“But how about Charles? ” Tanong ko…
“I’m sorry we cannot spare him… I’ve gone over this to Zia… kapag hindi natin
sya dinamay, uutusan lang nilang kumuha ng damit si Charles,,, the plan will go
down the drain… Sorry Z. “
“You just have to apologize to him, he’ll be pissed, that’s for sure“ sabi ni Zia…

Humarap sa kin si Charles…
“You’ve earned yourself an ally… “ with that… tumalikod na sya at umalis…
I smirked…
May maganda palang kinahinatnan ang pagkakapahiya namin kagabi…
Charles is now on our side….

May nagtatanong kung gaano kahaba ang Falcon...
To answer you questions...
Hindi ko masyadong padadamihin ang bawat book ng falcon... mga 20
chapter each book lang or more.. depende sa takbo ng story...
so basically, we are already halfway in book 1.....
sa mga nag-aabang ng story ni Alex and Charles... the 2 books are
actually a build up story for both of them... alam ko naman na
napapansin nyo ito.. para mas lalo nyong mahalin yung characters,
expecially those two main characters....
Ok... ang dami ko ng nasabi.... enjoy!
Chapter 8
“So how much did we earned? ” Tanong ni Sky sa kin ng matapos kong i-total
yung mga recent wired transactions from different bank accounts.
After the auction we went straight at our usual place, saan pa ba? E di sa living
room ng cabin namin.
The auction did well… too well for my liking… grabe, those girls and gays
would actually pay millions just to have a piece of item from the varsity team!
Ganon na ba talaga ka desperado ang mga yon… GRAAABEEE! The biggest
amount, came from Charles’ things. Dyllan’s things came in close second…
Their jerseys alone was auctioned close to 2M bucks! That is actually crazy! ! ! !
As in totally! ! ! ! This is actually the proof that those two are the most popular
guys around…
“We are 13M bucks richer! ! ! ! “ I said smilling
“Holy crap! ! ! ! ” Sabi ni Sky… “Those smelly filth actually cost millions? ? ? ? ! ! ! ! ”
tawa ng tawa si Sky…. “ Hmmmmm what to buy….. “
“HEY! ” Sabi ni Zia na tumayo sa kinauupuan nya at lumapit kay Sky… “ We
already agreed that we’re not keeping a single centavo! ... We… are giving half
of it back to them and half of it to charity…”
“AAAAWWWW… where’s the fun of it? ? Kahit 1M lang? naghirap din naman
tayo sa pagkuha non a… ” she said pouting…
Umiling si Zia… “ As if you need money… ‘ She said in disbelief… “ you are
actually one of the riches here in campus, if not the riches… and you are
drooling with 1M? ”
Sky Shrugged…. “ Iba kasi kapag pinaghirapan… “ she said smirking…
“So what are we going to do about all this? Paano natin maillalagay sa mga
bank accounts nila, since Malabo na makausap natin isa man sa kanila. They
probably wants to murder us right now… “
Nagisip silang lahat…
“We’ll send it to the schools account and we’ll just give instructions to give it to
the varsity team… “ sabi ni Zia…
We all agreed…
After a while… nag-aya papuntang shopping center si sky at alex… grabe
talaga ang energy level nung 3 yon,, parang may automatic charger!
Since I’m sooo beat.. I declined… Zia also declined, since she was really not
into it.. I think something is bothering her…
Umalis na yung tatlo at naiwan kaming 2 ni Zia sa cabin…
“Wanna go for a walk? I think you need it… something seems to be bothering
you… “ I offered…
She smiled…
“yeah… that would be nice… “

We walked our way towards the rose garden… medyo may kalayuan but the
walk seems to help clear Zia’s mind… I didn’t pry on what’s bothering her… If
she’ll open up,, then that’s good, if not,, I’ll just let her know that I’ there for her…
Good thing that the place is deserted… umupo kami sa isang bench na
napapaligiran ng mga bulaklak… very nice place if I might add… I smiled…
thinking again how lucky I am to be here…
“It’s Charles…. “ nagsalita si Zia…
“What about him? ”
“He’s not talking to me… “
Zia sighed… and I think she’s already close to tears…
“I’m not use to him to act like this…. Never kasi syang nagalit sa kin…. As in
ever! This is the first time that he didn’t answer my calls… I’ve already texted
him for the hundredth time … no reply… “ She said while looking at her phone,,
hoping that any minute now, she’ll receive a call or a simple text message…
She sighed again…
She looked at me… “ Nagisissi tuloy ako sa desisyon ko… mali nga yata na
hinayaan kong idamay ni Alex ang kapatid ko… “ she smiled weakly… “I just
feel so guilty right now… I’m sorry for acting like this.. I just miss my twin… and I
really can’t explain it…. Hindi talaga ako mapakali… maybe it’s our bond… you
know…. The twin thing…. Basta, hindi ko ma-explain… “

I don’t know what to say… I’m all against it in the first place.. pero I don’t want to
let her feelings dumper a bit more in saying ‘I told you so… ‘.
“What’s done is done.. we may have gone overboard… pero tapos na yon e…
hindi natin na-anticipate na magagalit ng ganon si Charles… but let’s face it…
we are the one at fault here.. lumuhod na lang tayo sa harap nya… hoping na
patawarin nya tayo… I-offer na lang natin si Sky as a peace offering“ I joked…
Natawa na si Zia… at least medyo nawala ang tension sa mukha nya “ He
doesn’t want sky… if it is somebody else, baka sakaling patawarin pa nya
tayo… “
“Sino? ? ? “ Tanong ko…
She looked at me as if she’s gauging me… pero napailing na lang… “ forget
it… “ she said smiling….
Hmmmm…. May something? We’ll I won’t push it… sasabihin din naman nya
yon kapag ready na sya…
“hey,,, ” Sabi ni Zia, smiling genuinely at me… “ I’m so glad you’re already part
of us… at least now may mas nakakausap na ako ng matino… masyado
kasing isip bata yung tatlong yun… kung sabagay,, si alex bata pa naman
talaga… puro kalokohan kasi utak ng mga yon! ”
“I’m the one who should be grateful for including me in your circle… I never had
close friends like you for a long time… and those 3 are really hilarious! “
Natawa kaming dalawa...
“yeah,, they’re really a handful… but they’re really fun,,, I would never trade them
for anything else… I mean they’re really part of the family now… and you are
part of our family now… actually Dyllan is also one of us… yeah, Dyllan and
Charles have different sets of friends but just the same,, they are also part of
our family… I mean,, Dyllan hangs out with us especially during breaks and
holidays…. I have known him for quite some time now,,, kaya nga nagtataka
ako kung bakit nya nagawa yun sa yo… Hindi sya ganon e…. “
I smiled weakly…. “I know…. “
I looked at Zia… she is sensible at mukha talagang mapagkakatiwalaan…
“Actually Zia…. “ I sighed… “ This is not the first time I’ve met Dyllan.”
She looked at me confused…
“You know him? ”
“You can say that…. “
I sighed….
“Well Dyllan……. Is…. Ummmmmm…….. Well….. He used to be my
bestfriend…. “
Biglang nanlaki mga mata nya….
“WHAT! ! ! ! ! ! ”

The varsity team and I are all gathered in our secret place along the woods…
Not long ago, we’ve found a little cave and made it our hide out.
We’ve made a bonfire and we’ve gathered around the fire…
“Ok guys… I think we all agree that what the barbie dolls did was low…. “ I said
“ Are you all going let let them get away with it? ? ? ”
Some of them are still furious to what happened… halos lahat sila
napapailing… sino ba naman ang hindi… sa tindi ng kahihiyan na inabot
“We are the elite group of this school! We can’t let those Barbie dolls ruin it! ”
Sabi nung 1 player.
At kanya kanya sila ng bigay ng opinion… most of them agreed that our
reputation is at stake unless we do something.
“Our reputation is on the line here… if we don’t give those girls a lesson, we will
be ruined for the rest of our lives... DO YOU WANT THAT! ! ! ”
“NO! ! ! ! ” sabay sabay silang nagsabi.. that made me grin….
“I CAN’T HEAR YOU! ! ! ”
“NO! ! ! ! ” They said much louder…
I looked at Charles… hindi nagsasalita… He is just observing… and from the
looks of his stern face, I think that he is now in deep thought… I just hope he
won’t back out. We need him.
I know that it is hard for him to go against those girls. They’re practically
“Charles? ” I said trying to get him to speak up about the plan…
Nanahimik na ang lahat…
It took Chares a minute or two before he speak up…
“I just want to make some things clear… “
“First…. I don’t want any harm to befall on those girls and Josh… I don’t want
you mistreating any of them, weather physically or verbally… and that goes to
you as well Dyllan…” He said looking at me sharply…
I agreed… We got into serious talking last night… and I think I understood what
Charles is trying to imply… yeah… I get it… It is mostly my fault…. I started it
all… my impulsiveness and temper got the better of me… but still.. Charles and
I agreed that those girls needs some payback,,, just to teach them a lesson…
“Second… This is just a prank to teach those girls to behave and not to mess
around with us.”
“If any of you mess around with them, especially my twin… outside and beyond
this prank,,, I’ll see to it that you will answer to me..” Charles said looking at
them dangerously…
Woa! Charles can be intimidating when he wants to!
“Am I understood! ”
Everybody nodded in agreement…
“Now…. I believe that we all agreed? ” He said and everybody nodded again…
“ OK, this is what we’re going to do… “
Everybody now is listening intently…
“We all know that those girls alone are not a force to reckon with… idagdag pa
si Josh, whose inventions are making them invincible…. “
Don’t we know it all…. Kaya nga ang lakas ng loob ng mga yon.
“But still…. “ He smirked…. “ They. Are. Still.Girls…. “

A week has passed… nagtataka ako kung bakit hindi gumaganti yung varsity
team… no confrontations whatsoever…. Yun lang, they no longer make small
chats in the cafeteria…. There are still constant glares on the part of alex and sky… still trying to taunt the varsity team especially Dyllan…
Charles is still not talking to us, even with Zia. He just gave us a simple nod to
acknowledge our presence…. Hindi katulad dati na talagang he’s going out of
his way para lang makipag kwentuhan…. that makes her down this couple of
days… Pinalalakas ko na lang ang loob nya, knowing na lilipas din ang galit ni
After dinner we went straight to our cabin… I got josh to help me in one of my
project… grabe naman kasing project iyon… physics, pero robotics ang
pinagagawa sa min! how am I suppose to do that! … e hindi nga ako
marunong magkabit ng 2 metal! ! ! On the part of the electronics,,, the theories, I
can understand… but it seems that it’s really confusing when you actually got to
do it!
Buti na lang na nandyan si Josh and is willing to help… iyon nga lang… he’s
been blubbering non-stop habang ginagawa yung project…. HINDI KO
MAINTINDIHAN! ! ! ! ! GRRRRRRR! ! ! ! Ang bilis kasi ng utak,, hindi ako
makahabol! !
Every now and then, I stop him and ask if he can translate whatever he’s talking
about into English…
He always smiled sheepishly and tried his best to explain but after a while,
ganon na naman… kung ano ano na naman ang sinasabi!
Haaaaayyyy…. Patapusin ko na nga lang sya, I’ll figure it out, whatever it is,,,
Sky and Alex are busy doing girly stuff for a change… hehehehehe….
Nagsusukat ng mga pinadalang damit yung designer nya sa Paris. Mukhang
may rampa na naman… and Sky is busy painting her toes! I know you don’t
believe me,, but yeah…. She’s acting like a girl right now! ! ! Mabuti naman yan
at least she’s interacting with her feminine side… Sana lang mas madalas
nyang gawin yon. Si Zia naman, nananahimik sa isang sulok… she’s busy
doing casual reading… at least it will get her mind off her twin for a while.

Medyo magdidilim na ng makaramdam kami ng gutom…
We’ve ruled out eating in the cafeteria just to give the student’s body a break
from the stress we’ve been putting them all week… kapag kasi magkasama
ang dalawang grupo, masyadong natetensyon ang paligid… we will just eat
pizza at the shopping center and hang out on the coffee shop after wards…

I made a quick change of clothes before we went out. Nung nagpapalit ako ng
damit. Napansin ko na parang may gumagalaw sa may bintana… hmmmm….
Pagtingin ko naman… wala…
I shrugged… baka guniguni ko lang yun… I think my mind is already playing
tricks on me… pagkatapos kasi ng session naming ni Josh,, para bang
punong puno na ang utak ko!
I got my bag and I went down just in time that everybody is now ready to go
“All set! ” Sabi ko, while skipping the last 2 steps of our stairs…
“About time! Namumuti na mga mata ko sa gutom! Let’s go! Josh.. sana dinala
mo na lang yung beetle mo para madali tayong makarating sa shopping
center! ” sabi ni Sky
“You know what the principal said… hmmmm…. gusto mo paliparin na lang
kita? I’ve just put on the final touch of my latest gadget...”
“Tama na nga muna yang mga gadget na yan… I think we’ve had a lot of
trouble lately… break muna sa kalokohan pwede? ” sabi ni Zia….
Just as Alex was about to turn the knob…..
“What da…. Funny…. Bakit hindi ko mabuksan? “ sabi ni Alex…. “Hindi naman
na-stock ito a...” Sinubukan nya ulit… pero ayaw….
“Baka nga na-stock? ” Sabi ko… “ Pero it was perfectly fine earlier…. Anong
nangyari? “ Sabi ko na nagtataka… “Let’s just use the back door… “ sabi ko…
and we went to the backdoor…
Ng malapit na kami sa pinto… bigla naman itong sumara! ! !
“Something is terribly wrong in here… “ Sabi ko…. I knew it! Hindi siguro
guniguni yung napansin ko sa kwarto kanina!
Naningkit ang mga mata ni Sky… “Pinaglalaruan tayo… “
Just then… biglang sumara lahat ng bintana…
“WHAT THE! ! ! ” Sabi ni Alex…
I can see a glimpse of some of the varsity team outside the window, at sila ang
nagsasara ng mga ito!
Anong kalokohan to! ! ! !
“Hey Alex… do you have that samurai that I gave you on your birthday? ” Sabi ni
Hindi na nagsalita si Alex at tumakbo na paakyat ng kwarto… pagbaba nya…
she is holding 2 samurais, one red and one white… Hinagis nya kay Sky yung
white samurai…
“Teka, taka teka…. What do think you are going to do with those deadly
weapons! ! ! ” I said wide eyes!
“if they try something foolish, then it’s the end of them! ” Sabi ni Sky…
“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! ... You’re not going ninja right now! Baka makasakit
kayo! ” Sabi ko…
Alex just smirk… “You know, there are just moves that you will just hurt them..
not kill them…” she said confidently….
Pero in the next few minutes… all of our confidence went down the drain!
Nanlaki ang mga mata naming sa nakita naming! ! ! WE WERE NOT
Lahat ng mga bintana bumukas, and for each window…. They’ve emptied a
crateful of RATS AND COCKROACHES! ! ! ! !
GG! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ”
Pakapasok lahat ng napakaraming daga at ipis ay sinarado na nila ulit yung
bintana! Kaya nakulong kami sa loob ng cabin together with all the pests!
Sobrang dami! ! ! And they’re crawling all over the place! ! ! ! ! ! !
“Josh! ! ! ! ! Do something! ! ! ! ! ” Sabi ni Alex na takot na takot!
Parang wala kaming magawa,, dahil lahat kami takot sa daga! ! ! ! ! ! Except for
Josh na ginagawa ang lahat para harangan yung mga daga at hindi makaabot
sa amin…
“They’re so many! ” sabi ni Josh whose getting frustrated
Kanya kanya kami ng sampa sa mga matataas na furniture na para ba kaming
mga monkey!
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ”

Nakita kong nagtatawanan yung iba sa mga teammates namin nung marinig na naming silang nagsisigawan… pero ano to…. Bakit hindi ko magawang
tumawa? This was supposed to be fun! But what I’m feeling right now is
anything but fun…
Sa bawat sigaw na naririnig ko, especially coming from a particular girl… para
bang kinukurot ang dibdib ko!
Habang tumatagal, sa halip na matuwa ay kumukunot ang noo ko…
What the heck am I feeling… this was supposed to be our sweet revenge!
Bakit parang sarili ko ang sinasaktan ko….
I looked around my teammates and they are now hysterically laughing!
I looked at Charles whose standing beside me, his arms are crossed in his
chest at naka kunot din ang noo nya… Nakita ko na parang pareho ang
nararamdaman namin… we were not amused….

This has got to stop…
“ENOUGH! ” sigaw ko… at natigil sa katatawa ang mga teammates naming…
“We had our fun… now get them out of there! ” I said commanding them…
Dali dali naman nilang binuksan na ang pinto.
Pagkabukas na pagkabukas ng pinto… naglabasan ang marami sa mga daga
at ipis… at maya maya pa ay lumabas na sila…
I’ve never seen Alex and Sky scared before but they continue to hold their head
high, just to maintain their dignity. The moment they saw me,,, pinanlisikan sila
ako ng mata… If looks cound really kill, I may be six feet below the ground right
“You’ll pay for this! ” Sabi ni Sky
Zia is almost crying but held on to her tears…. I guess we shook them really
hard. But what got my attention is the pale face of Chloe…. The moment she
went out of the door and have a few meters away from it… she sat down on the
grass. It looks like she’s catching her breath on the way she is holding her
chest…. She closed her eyes… she looks so pale…
Lalapitan ko sana pero naunahan ako ni Josh… yumuko sya at tinignan kung
ok sya… She smiled sweetly at him, The smile that had easily moved me. That
smile that I missed so much…
Then I felt this familiar tag in my heart…
Napatigil ako sa paglapit sa kanya…
NO! This is not happening… I Still can’t have feelings for her! ! !
I tried to suppress my feelings…. I have to overcome this… I have to think bad
things about her… I can’t fall in love with her for the second time! nahirapan na
akong makawala Noon… It took me years to overcome her! ayoko ng maulit pa
itong nararamdaman ko!
I tried my best to harden my face and suppress all the emotions that I’m feeling
right now….
When I know that I already have a hold to my emotions, lumapit ako sa kanila…
“This may serve as a lesson to all of you…. Don’t mess with us again… or
else… “

Tumalikod na kami ni Charles at naglakad ng papalayo….

Hindi pa kami nakakalayo ng marinig ko ang boses ni Alex…
“Oh Gosh............. I’m so scarred… “ She said sarcastically with venom in her

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