Allan Rufus

Rookie (Chipinga Zimbabwe)

You Are - Poem by Allan Rufus

You are a 5 pointed star
walking, talking, creative or dull.
Hands and fingers, feet and toes
all extensions of the centre
which creates your heaven or hell.

Your heart is the sun radiant and bright,
creating growth and shining light producing love
or hate with every pump, your body ignites
Effecting the growth of everyone in sight
Creates movement, energy, bringeth or taketh of life.

Your mind is the moon reflection of the sun
Balance them together to create magic delights.
The lighter, brighter and reflective it be
the more you can help others to create, see and be.

Join all forces, balance and be free you are your
mind and personality captured or released.
Only you can make these happen
because you are your own King, Joker or Queen.

Let your domain be reflective from deep inside
of your source.
AS sun, moon and star is what you are.
Gain your royal birth right,
glitter bright and with pure light,
be positive, complimentary and open,
and most importantly be at peace.

Each and every one of us is one of these.
Violent, happy, content and free.
The difference is in what we believe.
Create your earthly stage in unison with other domains
of kings, Jokers and Queens.

That means you and me, us and them,
and the other three all together we can
build a beautiful, gentle and positive peaceful place to be.

Our eyes, ears, nose and touch stimulates a vibration
which is real to us. We decide on action according to these
so does your inner water become stable, rocky, violent or
calm as can be creating high or low pressure
around your Self-Esteem.

I guess what I am trying to say
Is love yourself and neighbour, work it out together.
For are we not social animals, living off energy
Create it, share it, and uplift it, instead of taking it
dominating it and hurting with it.
Let us all be kind, loving and helpful for free,
and let all our spirits gain freedom and release to find that
which we seek.

What are states? Conditions of the mind?
You are in one now. How is your now?
Positive or negative, and are you going up or down.
Now is leading you to your future, one step at a time
as your past lead you to your now step ~by~ step.

Are we all the same, identical.
But on what different scales?
Because are we not movement off energy, in cycles
Perfect and effective on either side of the scale
which can be positive or negative
creating a spiral of ups and downs
heaven or hell, light or dark, love or hate
or creating or destroying for all to see.

The most important for survival is what we eat
drink and breathe
divide these up into categories,
and see the vastness of possibilities
is it all healthy, pure and clean?
Or harmful substances that tarnish the light and
shine of the pristine creation of wonderful mother
nature we are.

Without any of these, we cease to be
So the better, purer chemical free
the more we radiate, shine and can be seen
as we all are intended to be.

Become happy in the now
as your future is who you are now.
Your thoughts which create the movement of energy, good
or bad, happy or sad, laughter or tears, or the whole lot
Will manifest for sure. Remember it's all in your thoughts
which came from your past which came from your birth.

The future is death,
but it is how you approach it that makes you go up or down.
A beginning, middle and end
You can't change the beginning and the end
and now you are in the middle
it's all in the mind of what to be, so create your stage
thrown, domain in love, light and peace.

Our lives are events of things, that does show, learn
and teach.
This knowledge is what we are
whether health worker, dictator, janitor or....
This knowledge is reflective, good or bad
so if it comes from the heart, it's pure
true and clean, and as they say,
knowledge is power, and power should be
in harmony, of the heart, mind and soul.
The one, two and three.

Now go put colour in your life
as I wish you love, light and peace.

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