You Are A Joy In My Life Poem by Adrienne Crawford

You Are A Joy In My Life

Rating: 5.0

You are a joy in my life.
You are a major part
Of my happiness within.
You're my best friend.
And when I connect with you
The pleasure's so brand new
And tears begin to fall
As I recall, the love so raw.
And talents you have many
Costing more than a penny.
And sunlight shines on you,
You'll get your just due.
And moonbeams seek your face
Where laughter shows a trace.
And time begins to stop
Your love not just a prop.
But real I feel it so
Even now you have that flow.
And your life and mine will change
Time will always rearrange.
And maybe we're a kiss
We have a worldly bliss.
Or maybe I am remiss
And you and I will dismiss.
The time we spent together
Enjoying every weather.
And maybe it's just for now
Our show will take a bow.
And you'll journey on in time
Leaving me in my prime.
But we'll remember this
The hours can't be dismissed.
And we'll treasure the days
We spent in our own haze.
And life will quickly flee
But you and I agree.
We were quite a pair
We walked the golden stair.
And found a measure of peace
Even though love did cease.
But we will smile tomorrow
Reminiscing with no sorrow.
And all will be well with us,
We learned to trust
Our instincts and our hearts,
Our life will never depart.
It exists in it's own lane
It began, never to wane.

Monday, October 17, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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