You Are Not A Fixture Inside A Lonely Room.... - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

the wonderful times are gone
but soon they will come,
they too, like us, are going on a break
a vacation that
they too badly need,

you enter the door of the lonely house
when the wonderful times are gone
you sit on a chair, listen to the carpets
talk to the paintings, and take a cup of coffee
you look around, stare at the ceiling,
read the papers, and then watch the news

it is evening, you light at candle
at the dining table,
you cook and you eat yourself,
and then you undress yourself
look at your body in the mirror
it is still beautiful and then you
take a shower, wipe the water,
spray some perfume, drink a glass of water,
turn off the TV and the lights at the lawn
and then you sleep alone.

you dream.
so many dreams to still dream
but you do not wish to remember
each episode of this dream
too many loads to carry
so much to think about
so much imaginings
and you do not need them

time is too short
for so much sentimentalism

when the wonderful times were once here
you had a nice dance with her
you made love in the morning,
you smoke her cigar,
you drink and savor the taste of the
sweet and sparkling wine
you remember the joys of ejaculations
intellectually on the romantic stories you have read
beside her

the wonderful times are over now
you had it, you once had it all,
savor the memories
and then you must forget to begin again

you leave a house,
go on another destination
meet another love,
for love is the cure for love
when the heart breaks,
it is but of essence that it must heal itself
because that is life,
a thriving, a revival of this heart of fire
it beats a pulse, it makes you run
and never does it make you stay
like some kind of a fixture
in that lonely room.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, April 6, 2012

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