Kimberly Hope

You'Re The Great Revolution - Poem by Kimberly Hope

The great revolution shall be on your big screen.
It will be everywhere,
yet nowhere at all,
and just as it is everywhere,
yet nowhere;
the great revolution shall be in front of you,
on your own big screen.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen.
In the uniqueness of death and birth,
death is calling you everywhere,
yet death does not answer when it is called.
So is the greatest-longest revolution of all time.
The great revolution is before you causing disaster,
after you causing greatness,
but already ahead of you causing greatness,
as it shall be behind you causing unpredictable disasters.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen;
in the delivery room is your new family member,
feeling all alone, while entering their new world.
Across the world, killing someone's best friend.
The great revolution is evolving though,
revolving into something new,
something old,
hated, yet loved is the great revolution.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen.
The great revolution is unpredictable,
it may look as if it's headed for one direction,
but at the very last millisecond,
the great revolution will change direction suddenly,
return to you and others.
All, at the same time.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen.
It will sparkle right before your dark' n blinded eyes.
Although, because you are blinded,
blinded by your everyday crisis's
you shall not see it sparkle,
glimmering brighter than the sun
in which the great revolution reflects from.
The great revolution though;
It is bigger, brighter, and greater than you will ever be,
more dangerously better than can ever be imagined.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen;
on stage singing a performance with your favorite band.
In the crazy new york city conducting new flash mobs,
and hitting headlines of every global paper.
Even small town choirs like yours,
whose performance went national,
in another-greater state,
a state of your own mind.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen.
Without thinking about it,
without realizing it,
without any notification;
you are watching a part of the great revolution.
Watching the world you live in, revolve,
revolving greatly before your very eyes,
but you won't look back at what the great revolution has done.

The great revolution shall be on your big screen,
because you do not look back at the great revolution;
the mistakes that you make by this thing called the great revolution...
You will not recognize it,
you cannot return to fix the damage,
and you will repeat your great revolution.
Causing an even greater disaster;
all because you refused to open your eyes.
The greatness of the revolution will not be announced,
because you are nowhere to be found in reality.
No one person looks back into any past,
so nobody knows who the great revolution is.

The great revolution is none other, than you.
You will travel back and forth for many generations,
never to run lightly, nicely,
or stopping for a breath,
but hitting the ground hard and runnin'.
You'll cause pain to come before you,
as it shall be behind you causing disaster.
You will see it on your big screen,
on your very own eyes.

Topic(s) of this poem: revolution

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I can't quite remember which poem we used, but as a junior in highschool I took a music sort of English class. We read a poem and as an assignment had to write our own repetitive-like poem that had to do with some sort of revolution, no matter the time frame. Anyhow, this is what I took a week to wrote and received an A- for. After some re-search I'll repost which poem it was, thank-you.

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